Streaming cloud service for remote surgical collaboration

Live stream from the OR to any colleague, any time

A real time view of surgery through any connected screen

Help surgical teams connect with specialists, students and colleagues—no matter where they are. NUCLeUS™ LIVE offers two-way audio-video and live annotation to make communication fast and easy. Use live streaming to improve medical training, collaboration and consultation.

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See inside the OR, wherever you are

Send a live stream from the OR to any PC, smartphone or tablet, without the need for extra hardware. Using our NUCLeUS smart digital imaging platform, NUCLeUS LIVE helps you communicate and collaborate clearly during surgeries. Use two-way audio, video and annotation features for extra clarity and detailed consultancy. Give your surgical team the ability to confer with a specialist, supervise a colleague or allow students to learn the necessary techniques for their learning – remotely.

infographic shows the possibilities of NUCLeUS LIVE: Supervise, educate, consult and share.

Remote proctoring without delay

Create a proctoring programme that’s designed for connected healthcare. Ensure supervising physicians aren’t limited by their physical location and help them to monitor surgeries from anywhere. Build a flexible, agile telementoring platform that enables teaching hospitals to tackle the critical need to improve and accelerate surgical training opportunities for junior surgeons.

Doctor views a surgical procedure on his mobile phone via NUCLeUS LIVE. Several configuration options are shown on the screen.

Connect to academic conferences

Show academic colleagues what’s happening in the OR, in real time. With hospital security protocols in place, you can easily connect your Operating Room to any venue with an internet connection. Or stream directly to observer’s smartphones. Demonstrate the latest techniques and share your most important cases—live.

Doctors in a meeting room observe NUCLeUS LIVE interface, which shows 3 live procedures to join into.

Better training for more students

Teach surgical techniques without your students setting foot in the OR. Live streamed surgeries allow you to show everything the surgeon sees, from endoscopic feeds to vital signs and images from patient records. Annotation and two-way audio let students ask questions during the procedure. Train and educate numerous clinicians at the same time, wherever they are.

Two doctors in scrubs observe a tablet

Secure communication and simple control

Keep content and patient data safe and private, with security-first features. Users outside the hospital can only access live streams through encrypted invitation emails sent from the operating room. Multi-factor authentication ensures user identities are securely confirmed at multiple stages, while rights-based access is easily controlled within NUCLeUS LIVE.

person checking a laptop with NUCLeUS LIVE log in

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