Capgemini creates a smarter, more sustainable workplace with TEOS

Global consulting and technology services leader has tightened employee collaboration and saved energy with our TEOS suite of workplace management solutions.

Large banner image showing the interior of the trendy, modern and sleek Capgemini workplace.

How we helped

The Challenge

  • Capgemini sought workspace management solution for sustainable new office premises in Paris
  • Requirement to foster greater collaborative opportunities for staff
  • Digital signage needed to inform employees

The Solution

  • TEOS suite of workspace management solutions deployed across 8-storey building
  • Connect for TEOS simplifies wireless presentations on BRAVIA professional displays in meeting rooms
  • Manage for TEOS monitors and controls devices

The Outcome

  • Insights to AV/IT staff on device usage drive greater energy efficiencies
  • Staff and guests can present quickly and easily from their own devices without wires
  • Rich, engaging digital signage can be efficiently create and distributed across the building

Thanks to the close collaboration between Capgemini and Sony a solution has been designed to reduce time spent on signage maintenance and management while creating an intuitive, stylish experience for visitors to the campus.

Infrastructure Manager,

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Fostering collaboration and creativity

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, with over 200,000 team members in more than 40 countries. In July 2019 Capgemini opened a groundbreaking new office in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris. Spanning 33,250m² over eight floors, it’s home to 3,500 staff and boasts 57 meeting rooms, five ‘zen rooms’, a gaming area and a gym. Designed to foster wellbeing and creativity, the new workplace has sustainability at its core with a Triple HQE certification and pioneering use of geothermal energy. Reflecting its sustainability ethos, Capgemini needed a workspace management and digital signage solution that would maximise energy efficiency and time management while realising new collaboration opportunities for staff.

Side image of the interior of one of Capgemini's meeting rooms that has had TEOS installed.
Image of one of Capgemini's breakout spaces within their workplace.

Building on a successful partnership

Capgemini had previously enlisted Sony to streamline room management and signage at offices in Milan, Nantes and Lille. Sony had also delivered its TEOS workplace solution at Capgemini’s Chantilly campus, impressing visitors and reducing the workload on busy AV/IT management teams.  

A powerful, sustainable solution

Working with installer Alliance Project, Sony provided its TEOS suite of workplace management tools at Capgemini’s Issy-les-Moulineaux premises. In addition to 300 BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays, the complete solution provides powerful collaborative opportunities for staff. In keeping with Capgemini’s exacting needs for sustainability, an essential requirement was the ability to control energy usage while reducing overall use of paper documents. Delivering bright, high-impact images, BRAVIA also offered seamless connectivity options plus best-in-class energy consumption. Manage for TEOS dashboard-style interface offers detailed insights on device usage, enabling AV and IT managers to drive greater energy efficiencies. Meanwhile Digital Signage for TEOS allows rich, engaging visual content to be easily customised, scheduled and distributed centrally across the premises.

Image of another of Capgemini's breakout spaces within their office. A woman is sat in an armchair whilst another is in a private meeting booth.
Image showing a relaxation space from within the office. An armchair is visible, along with a vast collection of books.

Meetings made more productive

Within meeting rooms, Connect for TEOS allows employees or guests to present wirelessly from laptops to BRAVIA displays. With no messy wires to worry about and no extra hardware needed, teams can convene quickly without wasted time setting up screens. An enabler for seamless collaboration, Connect for TEOS has also reduced the need for back-up paper handouts in meetings.

Less wasted paper, lower energy bills

“The TEOS suite of tools and the leading displays from Sony have saved our teams not only time, but our overall office has seen a reduction on energy and wasted paper” says an Infrastructure Manager at Capgemini. “This new workplace was always designed as a place that marries wellbeing, collaboration and sustainability. Sony instantly understood this and was able to create a solution that powerfully responded to our needs, while always meeting and driving forward those guiding principles.”

Image showing the interior of one of Capgemini's large auditorium-style spaces, decorated in a modern and minimalist style. A professional display and projector is visible mounted to the wall and ceiling.
Image showing another relaxed, casual meeting space within the Capgemini office.

Looking to the future

Looking ahead, Capgemini and Sony will be adding and unlocking new features to futureproof the solution even further. Plans are also underway to install TEOS solutions at further offices worldwide.

*TEP-X96 and Tablets for TEOS are third-party products for TEOS, not manufactured by Sony

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