How TEOS by Sony can help office workers stay safe

60 percent of occupations cannot be performed remotely, according to consultancy firm McKinsey, because the place of work is fixed. It’s hard to drive a bus, build a wall or operate the checkout in a supermarket when you work from home. 

There’s a strong case that much office work also needs to happen in a building. Brainstorming, training and negotiations, for example, are harder over a video conference. The human factor is still important.

A man working at a desk, with a laptop, notepad and cup of coffee in front of him. He is wearing a facemask. In the background you can see a woman sat far away looking at a phone, complying with social distancing.

The new office environment

Because remote work can’t work for everyone (and as COVID-19 cases continue to decline) many employees are returning to the office. 

But it’s not going to be the same office we left in March. For example British government released comprehensive advice on how to stay safe at work. There will be strict limits to interactions in the office.

Consequently, we must continue to use technology to remain connected, collaborative and productive, all while keeping our distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Here’s how TEOS Workplace Solutions can help office workers stay safe.

Somebody using the TEOS Mobile app to check room and desk availability in the workplace.

Book desks and meeting rooms

Flexible working is here to stay, and many employees will balance remote and in-office work. Designated desks, then, are likely a thing of the past. Instead, flexible workers can rely on hot desking.

But under new safety measures, employees won’t be able to just ‘grab a desk’. Desks will need to be cleaned, and desks either side of an employee might need to be cordoned off to ensure safe distancing.

To do this, employees can use the TEOS Mobile app or TEOS Outlook add-in to discover what desks or meeting rooms are available, and easily make a booking. A flex desk sensor under each desk can measure occupancy and a 3.5” tablet on each desk or a 10” tablet outside each room streamlines meeting management. This lets you circumvent double bookings, and more importantly, avoid office overcrowding.

Image showing the interior of a workplace, with a BRAVIA Professional Display depicting digital signage relevant to the office.

Better digital signage and wayfinding

Safety information regarding COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. Consequently, managers must find efficient ways to communicate the most up-to-date information with staff. 

TEOS Signage lets you create highly visual, detailed and touch-interactive digital signage, and then distribute it across a network of screens across the office. For example, if your kitchen is closed off, you might create a digital sign to inform staff. You might also have signs in the building lobby that explain how to safely operate the lifts.

Stay in touch with staff

Gather data about employee wellbeing using TEOS Survey. The post-coronavirus office is currently unchartered territory.

The only way to find out is to gather feedback from those on the ground. 

TEOS Survey allows you to quickly create customised questionnaires shown on interactive tablets and gather real-time feedback. By doing this, you can remain agile and responsive to change.

Image showing an employee asking for feedback via TEOS Survey, gathering vital information about how employees feel about their office.
Image showing a BRAVIA Professional Display using TEOS to depict available meeting rooms and spaces within the office.

Manage and monitor visitors

Some businesses depend upon consultants, contractors and outside council for help. Tracking who’s coming and going from the office, then, can be tricky.

TEOS Reception and TEOS Wayfinding means guests can quickly check in with the host via an app, reducing any unnecessary interactions with a receptionist. The host then gets an automated notification to let them know their guest has arrived.

What’s more TEOS Wayfinding helps guests and employees visualise where their desk or meeting is, limiting their chances of getting lost and touching unnecessary surfaces. The Wayfinding can also show critical items like where to find hand sanitizer.

Manage and measure everything

For facilities managers, it can be tricky to consolidate and manage a suite of technology. This is especially true when dealing with a distributed workforce and hybrid offices.

But, with TEOS Manage, managers can access a simple, scalable and efficient platform that lets them centralise administration and collect data from devices and spaces. Sensors can even be installed to measure air quality such as CO2 so that the risk of transmission can be assessed automatically. TEOS ultimately optimises the post-coronavirus office in line with safety measures so that employees can be reassured and work productively.

A man is looking at a laptop screen, looking at data from TEOS to understand how the workplace is being used.

TEOS Solutions

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