HDR-SDR conversion license for BVM-HX3110
Image of the following product: BVML-H10


The BVML-H10 is an HDR-SDR conversion license for Sony‘s TRIMASTER HX master monitor, BVM-HX3110. This license can be used to support the Sony’s proprietary HDR-SDR conversion when used in a live production environment. 4K to HD down-conversion and 3D LUT conversion can also be applied at the same time and output to external 4K/HD devices. Our tetrahedral LUT interpolation in the monitors ensures the highest level of processing for the best possible final results. This feature is activated via USB port on the front control panel of the BVM-HX3110. You can use this feature in versatile applications.

The BVM-HX3110 supports two lower-priced and limited functional licenses of the BVML-S10 or BVML-T10. When you only need them without the Sony’s HDR-SDR conversion, the BVML-S10 is another choice. When you only need the 3D LUT baked output feature, the BVML-T10 is the license for the purpose.


HDR-SDR conversion support

The optional BVML-H10 HDR-SDR conversion license* enables the HDR-SDR conversion function of BVM-HX3110 for use in a live production system.
The license activates 4K to HD downconversion; colour space conversion from ITU-R BT.2020 to ITU R BT.709; and OETF conversion from HDR EOTF S-Log3 (HDR), ITU-R BT.2100 (HLG), SMPTE ST 2084 to SDR EOTF 2.4.
It also allows output of a converted picture to another 4K or HD monitor from the Enhanced Monitor Output that supports 12G or 3G-SDI, even though an original 4K source is Quad link 3G-SDI. This function can be used at a remote site that can only be fed an HDR signal.

* BVML-H10 HDR-SDR conversion license available separately. HDR-SDR conversion is activated via the USB port of the front control unit.