STM-100L (STM100L)Discontinued

TMS Lite - Theatre Management System software for smaller and independent cinemas


Intuitive, cost-effective digital projector management and scheduling for cinemas with up to ten screens
It’s simpler and more efficient than ever for small- to medium-sized cinemas to manage their fleet of digital projectors.

Ideal for independent exhibitors with up to ten screens, TMS Lite is an affordably-priced theatre management solution. It’s compatible with Sony’s SRX-R320 and SRX-R515 4K projector families, as well as third-party cinema servers by Dolby, Doremi and GDC.

TMS Lite helps operators with all aspects of their workflow – from creating and editing weekly schedules and show playlists to managing keys and monitoring projector issues. It’s refreshingly easy to use, with a friendly interface that dramatically shortens the learning curve for projection staff.

Sharing many core functions of TMS (STM-100 Theatre Management System software), TMS Lite only requires a modestly-specified standard PC running Windows 7 or a server running Windows Server 2008. It can easily be upgraded at any time to the full version of TMS with the purchase of an optional license key.


Easy, efficient, cost-effective projector management
Manage your fleet of up to ten digital cinema projectors with an intuitive, easy to use theatre management tool that runs on a standard Windows PC.
Centralised content management
Control up to ten projection systems from a single PC running TMS Lite. Enjoy the convenience of accessing a central library of all content, including movies, trailers and ads. Manage ingest of DCPs (digital content package) and KDM (key delivery message) security keys, and distribute content to each projector. Automatically generate ‘to do’ lists to ensure relevant content is ingested, and warn of missing content and other issues. There’s no limit on the amount of file storage space that can be supported by TMS Lite.
Quick, easy show playlist creation
Create show playlists (SPLs), comprising adverts, trailers and other pre-show content as well as the main feature. SPLs can also contain automation cues relating to the projector, such as ‘power on’ or ‘lamp off’, plus cues relating to house automation, such as house lighting or masking. SPLs can be created and managed separately for each auditorium using an intuitive graphical user interface.
Show playlist re-use
Existing SPLs can easily be tailored to create a new show, with simple ‘drag and drop’ addition or removal of movies, trailers and advertisements from the show timeline.
Schedule management
TMS Lite makes it easy to schedule and manage show playlists centrally. Once an SPL is scheduled, related DCP content and KDMs are transferred automatically to the desired projector/media block. TMS Lite can also import box office data files data directly from point of sale (POS) systems to streamline management processes.
Support for Sony, Dolby, Doremi and GDC digital cinema servers
Alongside Sony’s SRX-R320 and SRX-R515 4K projectors, TMS Lite supports a range of third-party cinema servers by Dolby, Doremi and GDC. User operation of TMS Lite is the same, regardless of the digital cinema server used.
Centralised monitoring
A traffic light-based graphical interface gives real-time confirmation of operational status of up to ten projectors simultaneously. Instantly see the condition of individual projectors, and get alerts of lamp problems or DCP/key issues. See the next scheduled item for each screen and status of the content currently playing. Check ingest status as content as transferred to each individual projector.
Remote monitoring
Sony CineWatch remote monitoring and maintenance software can be installed on the same hardware as TMS Lite to allow remote ‘health monitoring’ of exhibitors’ equipment. Cinewatch monitors TMS Lite as well as individual projectors on the network. Alert messages (via email or SMS) are generated as elements of the system approach scheduled maintenance, or when unexpected errors and failures occur. CineWatch can even upgrade TMS Lite, projection systems and itself remotely. It may also be integrated alongside other existing monitoring systems.
An ideal partner for alternative content
TMS Lite can also handle management and scheduling of alternative content such as live events via satellite or replay from VTRs, games consoles or Blu-ray Disc. Files may be made available via the alternative content input on the projector head within the individual auditorium projection room.