DWZ Series digital wireless compact receiver
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Light and compact receiver ideal for guitar and bass

The ZRX-C30 is supplied with the DWZ-B30GB package. With three types of powering (DC 9 V battery, AC 12 V adaptor, or DC 9 V jack) the receiver provides wired / wireless seamless operation, is pedal board-ready and includes a built-in antenna to protect against rough handling conditions.

Superb digital sound

With 24-bit linear PCM digital, you get high sound quality with reliable RF transmission, utilising unique transmission technology developed by Sony. Also, with support for two RF modes, your experiences can be shared over WiFi.


Superb digital sound quality

High-quality 24-bit linear PCM digital transmission offers pristine audio and a wide frequency range of 10 Hz to 22 kHz. Audio performance degradation that’s typical of conventional analogue wireless systems is avoided, as these packages are designed without the need for a compander.

Two RF modes for reliable transmission

The DWZ Series provides two selectable RF modes. Simply choose the one that makes best use of your actual 2.4 GHz RF environment:

Wide Band Hopping mode

This mode reduces interference to other wireless equipment used in the same environment such as WiFi. There’s no need for advanced technical knowledge about radio frequency. Wide Band Hopping mode also supports additional error correction for more secure transmission*1.

Narrow Band Hopping mode

This mode helps to avoid interference from other devices – for example, 2.4 GHz wireless remote controllers that are commonly used for lighting control. This enables frequencies to be coordinated when using multiple wireless systems simultaneously*2.

*1 Audio delay: Approx. 6 ms

*2 Audio delay: Approx. 3 ms

Stable transmission

Interruptions in reception (signal dropout) can be a problem with wireless microphone transmission systems. With the DWZ Series, however, dropouts are reduced to a minimum. Utilizing a space diversity reception system, stable reception is achieved by using dual-antenna inputs / reception circuits. These receive signals over two different paths and automatically select the stronger RF signal for output.

Multiple power supplies

The ZRX-C30 receiver supports three types of powering. With the DC 9 V battery, the receiver can be used as a portable device for up to 3.5 hours, free from an AC adaptor cord and maximizing layout flexibility. Also, using this battery provides a simple solution for eliminating noise pick-up caused by the power supplies. For long-duration use, the receiver can be powered with the supplied AC 12 V adaptor, or the DC 9 V jack (for use with a power distributor).

Wired / wireless seamless operation

The ZRX-C30 is equipped with a Cable Tone Generator feature to simulate a wired tone when using wireless. There’s no need to adjust the equalizer setting on your amplifier when switching between wired and wireless. Simply adjust the dial on the ZRX-C30 to match the desired wired tone.

Tuner out interface

Tuner output is available for tuning. The ZRX-HR50 also has a transmitter-muting selector which provides a choice of connectors that can be muted.

Pedal board-ready with built-in antenna

The ZRX-C30 has a light and compact design. It allows the receiver to fit into a pedal board system, or to be placed on top of a guitar amplifier. Also, the antenna is built-in to protect it from serious damage under rough handling conditions.

Variety of interfaces and LED indicators

The unit features 3-way parallel audio output, ¼” TS phone (x2), and balanced XLR (x1). There are also LED Indicators for status monitoring for TX & RX.

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