DWZ Series digital wireless body-pack transmitter


Transmitter supplied with both cardioid condenser headset microphone and cardioid condenser lavalier microphone
The ZTX-B02RC is supplied with the DWZ-B70HL digital wireless set for presenters and vocalists. The transmitter works with the ECM-LZ1UBMP lavalier microphone and the ECM-HZ1UBMP headset microphone.


Highly secure transmission
The ZTX-B02RC offers AES 128-bit standard encryption technology to secure transmitted signals and avoid being intercepted by others. By using this encryption feature, users can reduce the worry that confidential information could be intercepted.
Robust metal body
The ZTX-B02RC is made of strong durable metal. Metal construction supports reliable use in rough operating conditions.
Easy-to-use operation
The ZTX-B02RC features a momentary switch for muting or talk-back application.
Two AA battery operation and contactless rechargeable function
The ZTX-B02RC is powered by AA batteries with a contactless rechargeable function (with optional BC-DWZ1 battery charger).