Hands-on with the PXW-Z150 4K camcorder

“This has an awful lot of functionality in a small package” – Corporate and Events Video Production Experts @Voytek get to grips with our new handheld camera.

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The compact 4K camcorder with big camera features

There’s a lot to like about our compact PXW-Z150 handheld camcorder. It’s packed with pro-style features for fabulous 4K footage – so it’s great for videographers and freelance programme makers who want lots of shooting options with less to carry.

We invited Wojtek Bogdanowicz and Romek Knopp from London-based corporate video production specialists @Voytek to put the Z150 through its paces. The duo were instantly impressed by the 4K pictures and professional features of this brilliantly capable handheld camera.

“It’s so small and easy to carry – and that makes it perfect for reportage” says Wojtek. “I could take through overseas as a personal item, with less hassle going through customs.”

Broadcast-quality 4K pictures are a rival for much bigger cameras. “It does also record in HD,” Wojtek points out, “but I think most people would want to use it as we would in 4K.”

The large 1-inch Exmor RS sensor inside the Z150 lets you compose pro-quality portraits with beautifully defocused backgrounds. This advanced sensor’s high-speed data readout also allows silk-smooth 120fps slo-mo in Full HD at the touch of a button: it’s a great addition to any video-maker’s arsenal.

Wojtek confirms that the camera’s integral lens with a wide 12x optical zoom range (and up to 24x with Clear Image Zoom) is a big plus for on-the-go filmmakers. “You don’t always want the hassle of extra hardware when you’re out and about. So this is great for events, where you need to get tight close-ups from the back of the room without lens swaps slowing you down.”

It’s so small and easy to carry – and that makes it perfect for reportage.

Wojtek Bogdanowicz
Corporate Video Production Specialists at Voytek

Made for solo shooting

The portable camcorder’s credentials for solo shooting are boosted with on-board wireless networking. Zoom, focus and iris can be controlled remotely from your smartphone – letting one operator look after a second camera.

Sparkling images are complemented by plenty of audio options. Alongside a built-in microphone and XLR connections for external mics, there’s an MI hotshoe connection – ideal for adding our UWP wireless mic system. And just as importantly, operation is refreshingly intuitive with easy-to-reach top-mounted controls and clear, simple menus.

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