PWA-4KS (PWA4KS)Discontinued

Dual 4K stitching software


4K Stitching Software captures every exciting moment
PWA-4KS 4K Stitching Software composes an 8K x 2K wideview of an entire field of play, such as a football pitch, shot by dual 4K cameras. Any area on the composed view can be selected to allow up to three HD views with natural perspective to be generated, just as if they were captured by independent HD cameras. By shooting the complete field of play, there’s no chance of missing a single moment of the action.
Easy to operate software for multiple real-time effects in a full broadcast quality
The system offers a smooth and intuitive user interface with touch panel operation and a controller.
Costs easily scalable due to the model of temporary licenses
The management software is supported by the PWS-4400 4K/HD multi-port AV storage unit, which provides 2TB of storage as standard, with the option to be increased to 8TB.
Infinite combinations and versions of video content
Offers 8K x 2K wide-view of the entire field of play with option of up to three HD cut-outs. Acquisition of video material up to dual 4K format for a real future proof and protected value.