HDBaseT Interface Adaptor
Image of the following product: BKM-PJ10


This HDBaseT™ Interface Adaptor board option for the VPL-FHZ700L projector allows simultaneous transmission of Full HD video, 100BaseT Ethernet and RS-232C/I²C control signals over a single cabled connection. It's ideal for connecting one or more projectors to a remotely-sited matrix switcher in evironments such as schools and auditoriums.

The BKM-PJ10 offers integrators the benefit of simplified projector installation and reduced costs through a reduction in cabling requirements. A single Cat5e/6 cable (with RJ-45 connector) can be run over distances up to 100m, cutting the number of cable runs and eliminating the need for signal extenders.

In addition, Cat5e/6 cables are much easier to terminate than cables such as HDMI, allowing quick, simple termination on site during installation. 

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