Family shot of our Sony PTZ SRG and BRC cameras

Sony PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras: impressive pictures, less effort and easy integration

Add impact to every production with our PTZ cameras. Capture broadcast quality video with unique shooting possibilities. Control multiple cameras with one operator to reduce the workload on busy production teams: easy integration with other AV equipment saves even more time and effort.

A singer songwriter performing with a guitar in front of her band.

Unique shooting opportunities

Our versatile PTZ cameras open up exciting opportunities to capture impactful images. They’re ideal for space-limited environments where there’s no room for a regular camera and operator. Position cameras near to your talent for dramatic close-ups without an operator intruding on the scene. Or explore unusual angles to create even more engaging content.

Reduced production workload

Our PTZ cameras free up busy production teams to focus on other creative tasks or post production. One operator can control several cameras remotely, offering more chances to capture high-quality images from multiple positions and less risk of missing that crucial moment.

Two video professionals sitting side by side while editing a video on a computer
A LAN cable against a backdrop of fibre optic cables

Easy integration, easy to use

Our PTZ cameras are designed for seamless integration in today’s AV environments. Cable management is simplified with a single network connection carrying power, video and control signals. Seamless interoperability with leading AV control and automation systems saves time while broadening your deployment options even further.

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A close-up shot of a lecturer presenting

Lecture capture

Deepen student-teacher interaction and create powerful new learning experiences. Our remote cameras realise every subtle gesture of lecturers as they’re presenting, together with reactions from the audience. Preset camera positions allow near-instantaneous switching between presenter, whiteboard and students. Remote operation is easy, with no special AV production skills needed.

Two government officials having a discussion at a table


Create a definitive record of parliamentary and council meetings with our compact, easy-to-install remote PTZ cameras. Capture the remarks of every speaker without intruding on the proceedings. Camera position presets can switch smoothly between views of the meeting chair, speaker and other council members, with no need for dedicated operators in the room. Integrating our cameras also helps you achieve even more with your existing AV infrastructure. When a speaker presses their microphone button, the camera instantly moves to frame them.

A broadcast studio

Broadcast studios

Transform the efficiency of your studio operations with multiple cameras controlled by a single operator. Pan, tilt and zoom smoothly between preset camera positions at the touch of a button.  From compact, space-saving HD cameras for smaller studios to high-end 4K models, you’ll find the ideal shooting solution from Sony to suit any studio space.

A house of worship

Houses of Worship

Capture professional-quality pictures without distracting from the dignity of the occasion. Shoot crisply-detailed video for recording or streaming live to a wider audience. Unattended cameras can be installed discreetly in hard-to-reach places, covering any size of worship space with powerful Clear Image Zoom and Tele Convert for frame-filling close-ups.

A wide shot of a football stadium

Live sports

Our PTZ cameras capture players’ movements and spectator reactions without missing that decisive moment. Shoot broadcast-quality 4K or Full HD pictures under remote control without obstructing spectators’ view. They’re great sub cameras, capturing the action from high in the stadium or next to the player’s bench where you wouldn’t normally place a camera.

Two people sitting and talking to each other at a table

Reality shows

Get closer to the action. Our compact, discreet cameras shoot high-quality footage that captures the talent’s natural reactions without distacting them. A solo operator can control multiple cameras, with smooth, speedy transitions ensuring there’s no risk of missing participants’ on-camera reactions.

A radio presenter in their booth, their mouth close to a microphone pop shield

Radio booths

Enrich the entertainment experience for radio audiences with our PTZ cameras. Shoot and stream high-quality footage of presenters and guests, with whisper-quiet PTZ camera movements that won’t disturb the show – and no need for an operator in the confines of a typical radio booth.

A montage of different applications for our PTZ cameras. A broadcast studio, a lecturer presenting, a tennis player lining up for a backhand, a delegate in a political building addressing his peers

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