SNCA-POE1 (SNCAPOE1)Discontinued

Compact Power over Ethernet power supply for fixed and minidome cameras


The SNCA-POE1 is a power supply for the SNC-CH110,SNC-CH120, SNC-CH140, SNC-CH160, SNC-CH180, SNC-CH210, SNC-CH220, SNC-CH240, SNC-CH260, SNC-CH280, SNC-DF50P, SNC-DF70P, SNC-DF80P, SNC-DF85P, SNC-DS10, SNC-DS60, SNC-DM110, SNC-DM160, SNC-DH110, SNC-DH110T, SNC-DH120, SNC-DH120T, SNC-DH140, SNC-DH140T, SNC-DH160, SNC-DH180, SNC-DH210, SNC-DH210T, SNC.DH220, SNC-DH220T, SNC-DH260 and SNC-DH280 network fixed and minidome cameras.

The SNCA-POE1 offers cost-effective power distribution for IP cameras, and other devices supporting IEEE802.3af PoE standard.


Compact design
The power supply measures 60mm ((W) x 31mm (H) x 145mm (L).
Cost effective
The SNCA-POE1 allows the reuse of existing Ethernet switches and cabling infrastructure for your investment protection.
Easy installation of multiple units
The SNCA-POE1 is essentially a plug-and-play unit. Several units can be mounted adjacently to power multiple Ethernet terminals. The SNCA-POE1 cleans up low-density wireless LAN deployment and eliminates the need for multiple one-portPoE solutions.

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