Resolve products issues, in and outside of warranty.

Close up image of a circuit board being repaired, representing Sony's expert repair services.

Where can I find help to repair the product myself?

You can fix minor issues with your product using product manuals and user guides.

If you still need help pick from one of the options below.

What's the process for repairing products under warranty or PrimeSupport contract?

If your professional product is still within its 12 month standard Sony warranty or if you are covered by PrimeSupport, contact our helpdesk to arrange repairs.

What's the process for repairing products out of warranty or support cover?

If your professional product is no longer covered by the standard Sony warranty or PrimeSupport, you can quickly arrange for your product to be repaired via one of the options below:

Option 1: Contact Sony directly via our helpdesk to arrange reliable, cost-effective out of warranty repairs through one of our professional centralised repair centres. Our multilingual specialists who operate in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish will aim to process your repair request in your local language, making it a stress free and simple process.

Option 2: Contact one of our well established Authorised Service Centres directly for a localised support service.

How can I get a quote for my repair?

To get a repair quote, you can either have us collect your product, or drop it off at the relevant repair centre for an assessment. Please note you will need to pay an assessment fee (one-hour labour plus logistics if we collect your product). After assessment, we will send you the quote.

What if you are unable to repair my equipment?

If your product is beyond economical repair or parts are no longer available to perform the repair, you will be informed and the product can either be returned to you or destroyed in our facility. In cases where there is extensive physical damage to your product, i.e. water damage, you may be advised that repair is not possible.

Where can I find more information about EU regulation Lot5?

You can read the information provided by the EU Commission here.

Where can I find a list of Sony Professional products related to this EU regulation Lot5?

The following product models apply:

  • HD Electronic Viewfinders: HDVF-EL70 and HDVF-EL75
  • LCD Colour Viewfinders: HDVF-L750 and HDVF-L770
  • Professional Video Monitors: BVM-HX310, BVM-E251, BVM-E171, PVM-X1800, PVM-X2400, LMD-A240, LMD-A220 and LMD-A170.

Under this regulation, where can I find help to repair the product myself?

You can fix minor issues with your product using the product manuals and user guides. These documents can be found in ProAssist, or via our helpdesk:

As a Professional Repairer who can support me with access to documents that cover maintenance, software or firmware links and repair documents etc.?

Please contact the helpdesk: