Networked Live for remote and distributed production

Networked Live is an ecosystem of solutions, products, services, and partners, helping you take full advantage of your resources in high-quality mission critical live production through connected hybrid on-premises and Cloud capabilities.

Introducing Networked Live

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Confidently rely on Sony and Nevion, the expert in media transport and orchestration, to revolutionise your production workflow.

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Live Production Optimised

Do you need to create more content, with less effort and with consistently high production values?

Networked Live ensures you always have access to the right resources, regardless of where your studios, control rooms, OB trucks, production equipment and people are located.

Networked Live also increases business sustainability by making more flexible, efficient use of your current production resources.

What is Networked Live?

Networked Live is an ecosystem of solutions, products, services, and partners that combines hybrid on-premises and Cloud processing with network connectivity to transform the logistics and economics of high-quality mission critical live production.

It does this by enabling resources (places, people, and processing) to be connected, used, and shared optimally and seamlessly in productions – regardless of their locations.

The importance of 3P in Live Production

Ensuring that resources – your staff (People), your location (Place) and your Processing – can be optimally and seamlessly connected, utilised, and shared, regardless of where they are based, is critical to the future of Live production.

Diagram explainin 3P processing, people, and place

Three benefits of Networked Live

Workflow efficiency and digital transformation

  • Networked Live easily connects to different locations.
  • It is highly adaptable and can be used in multi-location and distributed remote productions.
  • Share resources within a single facility to optimise production budgets.

Versatility and scalability with assured investment

  • Networked Live can be integrated with existing systems to meet the specific needs of customers.
  • Customers can start with a modest live production setup and expand it gradually, saving both capital and operational expenses.
  • Industry-standard protocols ensure compatibility with a broad range of configurations, including third-party products.


  • Networked Live helps enhance business sustainability by expanding management choices and boosting customer adaptability.
  • It promotes a sustainable society by streamlining the transport of personnel and equipment, thereby reducing energy consumption associated with transportation.

Sony is committed to transforming clients’ workstyles through agile, scalable, and forward-thinking digital transformation innovations.

Application Scenarios

Studio, Venue & Facilities

Network Resource & Orchestration

Management and orchestration of network environments. System provisioning and advanced monitoring, ensuring productions are correctly resourced.

Hybrid Processing and Operations

Optimise the deployment of production staff and equipment. Potential to achieve higher utilisation of production resources. Stable working environments for optimising reliability of hardware.

Intra-facility Production by Resource Sharing

Remote Production

Network Resource & Orchestration

Orchestration of media flows with SDN and other tools between venues and product centres. Enables production from central facilities with minimal on-site resource.

Media Transport

Optimise the use of bandwidth and latency facilitating critical operations.

Hybrid Processing and Operations

Remote operation of acquisition resources. Optimise the deployment of production staff and equipment.

Remote production diagram


Network Resource & Orchestration

Optimise wide area connectivity, with powerful network and resource management. Adaptive flow monitoring, securing the integrity of the productions.

Media Transport

Increase the security of the networks– with varying options for media firewalling. Unpresented control and visibility of media flows within the wide area network. Utilise compression technology to maximise bandwidth utilisation.

Distributed Inter-facility Production

Mobile Production

Network Resource & Orchestration

Share production resources by connecting multiple location with a network. Intelligent workflows monitoring and control based on open standards Federated orchestration, securing the additional productions nodes.

Hybrid Processing and Operations

Scale resource deployment without over provisioning new builds.

Inter-connected production Vehicles for Resource Sharing in OB Production Environments

Expertise of Sony and Nevion

Networked Live brings together Sony and Nevion’s live production and IP network technology expertise and experience. Together we provide ideal integrated solutions for facilities, contribution, remote production and distributed production.

A network connection is all you need to maximize the benefits of next-generation production workflows with a seamless integration of on-premises and cloud operations. We’re here to support your business every step of the way.

Case Studies

Nevion Supports El Towers

Nevion supports EI Towers with contribution solution for Italy’s top football league

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Multiple blue bulbs in a row

Nevion Helps Riot Games

Nevion helps Riot Games produce esports globally.

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A gamer playing a computer game at an esports event

TV 2 and Teleno Use Nevion

TV 2 and Telenor build sports production ecosystem with Nevion.

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Abstract image of the world with nevion logo on top right

All-IP 4K HDR OB truck for Polsat

IP based OB truck leverages Sony’s innovative production workflows.

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Polsat OB truck

Networked Live Solutions, Products and Services

Networked Live solutions are based on three pillars:

Network and Resource Orchestration

A city with an abstract image of connectivity

Media Transport

Multiple screens

Hybrid Processing and Operations

Abstract image of a connected globe

Network and Resource Orchestration

Networked Live manages connectivity between distributed production sites, processing resources and remote operator locations.

A large number of production devices can be connected virtually at internal and external sites and operated as an integrated system.

Clear boundaries of responsibility for each facility and section enables stable system operation at any scale, from small set-ups to large systems spanning countries and regions.

These are achieved through federation and monitoring functionalities.

Media Orchestration Platform Nevion VideoIPath

Widely deployed across the world, Nevion VideoIPath is a vendor-agnostic media orchestration platform that combines network and broadcast control.

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Nevion monitors

Advanced Monitoring
Live Element Orchestrator

Sony’s Live Element Orchestrator (LEO) provides real-time monitoring of all resources within a live networked environment – both on-premises and in the cloud.

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Switcher diagram

Camera Control Network Adaptor CNA-2

Gateway equipment for extending camera systems to remote and distributed live production. Integrated system management across sites is possible by deploying and connecting (i.e. federating) at each site. System scale and configuration can be flexibly expanded according to customer needs.

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CNA-2 product image

Other products and services supporting Network and Resource Orchestration

MKS Panels

Combined with our software-based orchestration tools, such as VideoIPath and LEO, MKS control panels enable fast and direct access to key functions required for Mission Critical Live Production. It is also the hardware control panel for LSM.

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IP Live System Manager

IP Live System Manager (LSM) supports a variety of functions including router setting, monitoring configuration, and device registration.

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Media Transport

Networked Live provides reliable, real-time transmission of video, audio, and data in compliance with industry standards.

High-efficiency codecs and gateways make effective use of available bandwidth to optimise connection quality between on-premises and the cloud, while efficiently connecting among locations is important to make your workflow better.

Media Edge Processor


Media Edge Processor enhance your live production with ultra low latency, low bit rate, and high image quality.

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NXL-ME80 product image

HEVC 4K/HD Remote Production Unit


HEVC 4K/HD remote production unit with ultra low latency, low bit rate, and high picture quality.

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CBK-RPU7 product image

Software-defined Media Node

Nevion Virtuoso

Nevion Virtuoso is a standards-based software-defined media node that can perform a variety of real-time media transport and processing functions in the converged SDI/IP LAN/WAN network.

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Nevion product

Other products and services supporting Media Transport

Nevion eMerge

Simplified media networking.

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IP Processing Board

SDI-IP converter compatible with SMPTE ST 2110.

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Hybrid Processing and Operations

Networked Live provides the flexibility to deploy production resources to meet a variety of live production requirements.

You can use a variety of on-premises and Cloud resources in an integrated way, without worrying about operations.

By combining on-premises and Cloud processing, faster and more efficient content production is possible. 

Cost-effective hybrid production can be achieved through optimised use of available resources – such as mission-critical productions on-premise while other production takes place in the Cloud.

Live Production Processor/Switcher

Sony’s Modular Live System sets a new benchmark for media processing and live switching. Fully scalable and addressing the needs for efficient distribution of processing resources to any production, it’s a key enabler for truly remote and distributed live production.

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Sony XVS-G1

M2L-X Software Switcher

Sony is developing both hardware and software switcher technology to realise hybrid processing on-premise and in the Cloud. Sony is also actively collaborating with 3rd party companies to integrate their technology such as multi-viewer in the hybrid processing.​

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M2L-X switcher GUI on a monitor

31-inch 4K TRIMASTER HX™ Master Monitor


The 1st IP interface-capable professional monitor from Sony.

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31-inch 4K TRIMASTER HX™ Master Monitor product image

A leading provider of sports officiating technology services


A leading provider of sports officiating technology services, Hawk-Eye now also offers a remote replay service, allowing operators to produce remotely. And enables remote highlight clipping, data-driven workflows, scalable processing and fit-for-use in Networked Live.

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Hawk Eye logo

Other products and services supporting Hybrid Processing and Operations

IP Camera Extension Adapter

IP camera extension adapter for IP remote production operation.

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A2 Production

A2 Production is an AI platform that helps automate the entire production process, from shooting to post-production, by automatically generating video clips and associated metadata.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the services and products introduced on this page may not be available in all countries or regions. Please contact Sony in your country or region for further details.​