DWX Series Gen 3 wireless mics bring consistent clarity at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

Leading European cultural institution trusts the audio quality and reliability of Sony’s DWX Series Gen3 wireless microphone system for sparkling sound at every performance.

Photo credit: Matilda Rahm / Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

How we helped

The Challenge

  • Leading cultural institution needed to replace ageing wireless microphone system that suffered from noisy, poor audio quality
  • Required cost-effective solution for large number of mic channels, plus compact belt-pack transmitters for on-stage performers

The Solution

  • 36 channels of DWX Series Gen 3 digital wireless microphone system
  • On-stage performers use DWT-B03R beltpack transmitters and DWM-02N digital wireless mics
  • DWR-R03D dual-channel receivers at side of stage

The Outcome

  • Audiences enjoy crisp, clean sound from every performance
  • Live productions are simplified with stable, reliable wireless operation
  • Transmission of digital audio from stage to sound engineer’s desk via Dante interface simplifies cabling

Aside from reliability, audio quality is the really big consideration with any wireless microphone system. With Sony’s third-generation DWX series mics my immediate impression was excellent – they sound great, with extremely low noise.”

Stefan Rosander
Technical Support Engineer, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

A centre of cultural excellence

Kulturhuset Stadsteatern – Stockholm’s House of Culture & City Theatre – is one of Northern Europe’s largest publicly funded cultural institutions. Each year it attracts over 600,000 visitors to enjoy its rich programme of theatre, dance, music, film, art exhibitions and more. Over 2,000 live shows are performed every year on a total of twelves stages in and around Stockholm city centre.

Meeting audience and performers demands

To reward audiences and performers with the best possible audio experience, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern has recently upgraded it previous Sennheiser 500 and 300 wireless mic system to Sony’s third-generation DWX Series digital wireless microphone system that’s used for a wide range of performances, spanning theatrical performances and live music concerts.

“Back in the 1980s we had sixteen wireless mic channels”, recalls Technical Support Engineer Stefan Rosander. “Since then our needs have grown enormously, and now we’re using wireless mics at virtually every show. With the recent closure of the 700MHz frequency band, it was definitely time to replace our ageing analogue system”. For drama and music events, on-stage performers wear a lightweight headset or lavalier-style microphone (DPA 4066, DPA 4061 and VT-800 models), connected to Sony’s DWT-B03R light, compact beltpack wireless transmitter.

Every performance made clearer

Swedish professional audio distributor Arva Trading AB has equipped Kulturhuset Stadsteatern with 36 channels of DWX Series Gen3 wireless microphone channels that combine superb sound quality and stable operation with excellent reliability.

Up to 36 on-stage performers are simultaneously accommodated with light, compact DWT-B03R beltpack transmitters, powered via BC-DWX1 charging stations that can each top-up two batteries. In addition, twelve DWM-02N digital wireless handheld transmitters are fitted with third-party mic capsules by Shure and DPA.

Fantastic sound, proven long-term reliability

Crisp, securely encrypted digital audio is transmitted to eighteen DWR-R03D 2-channel rack receivers that provide a total of 36 wireless channels. Typically sited to one side of the stage, outputs from the receivers are fed via the Dante multi-channel digital interface to the live sound engineer’s FOH (Front of House) mixing console and stage sound system. Stable RF reception in all performance areas is ensured by four AN-01 unidirectional antennas and one WD-850 antenna divider, with the system complemented by four RMU-01 remote control units.

“For Kulturhuset Stadsteatern our recommendation for the best choice of wireless mic system was easy” says Ronny Sjöstrand, Technical Manager at Arva Trading. “We’ve had a great relationship with Sony Professional for a very long time, and DWX Series has always offered exceptional audio quality. We know that because we’ve been working with the system since the beginning, and have sold many hundreds of channels to our professional customers in Scandinavia.”

Today third generation DWX continues that tradition – with fantastic sound, proven long-term reliability and build quality plus the flexibility of useful extra features like remote operation.

Ronny SjöstrandRonny Sjöstrand
Technical Manager at Arva Trading