PWA-TS1 (PWATS1)Discontinued

Telestrator 4K graphics software


Telestrator Software adds more entertainment value to your images
Using PWA-TS1 Telestrator Software with the PWA-4KS 4K Stitching Software, users can add various graphics and player information to HD cutout views (for example, a player’s name, score, tracking information, and more). This capability can significantly raise the entertainment value of a live sports broadcast.
Easy to operate software for multiple real-time effects in full broadcast quality
The system offers a smooth and intuitive user interface with touch panel operation and a controller.
Scalable options
Costs easily scalable due to the model of temporary licenses.
Supported by AV storage unit
The management software is supported by the PWS-4400 4K/HD multi-port AV storage unit, which provides 2TB of storage as standard, with the option to be increased to 8TB.
High level of customization for graphics and data
Adds a unique value to sporting events and high level of audience engagement. Also allows an easy and detailed analysis of various sporting live event or for future review and learning.