4K slow motion, with more emotion

Draw your audience to the heart of the action – with incredible ultra slo-mo capability

Capture the dynamic excitement of live sports in 4K ultra slo-mo with the HDC-4800 4K/HD Ultra High Frame Rate camera system, together with its dedicated 4K Baseband Processor BPU-4800. Shoot full-resolution 4K Ultra HD images at up to 400P (8x) or Full HD at 800P (16x) to reveal split-second action. This all-in-one solution for UHFR recording and playback makes it easier for broadcast production personnel to deliver superb slo-mo coverage of sports and other live events that TV viewing audiences love.

Every split-second of sporting action, captured in 4K

Today’s TV sports fans demand better-looking pictures, revealing every instant of explosive on-pitch action with astonishing clarity, colour and contrast. And you need a high performance ultra slo-mo solution that helps directors and camera crews deliver bigger creative returns – faster and more efficiently with fewer operational constraints.

Stay ahead of the game with the HDC-4800 4K/HD Ultra High Frame Rate camera system. Teamed with the BPU-4800 4K UHFR Baseband Processor Unit, it’s a complete live solution for 4K Ultra High Frame Rate (UHFR) recording and playback.

The HDC-4800 sets the pace in live TV sports production, delivering breathtaking 4K picture quality plus streamlined live operational workflow and familiar ergonomics.

Satisfy your need for speed

Higher frame rates mean smoother, more satisfying ultra slow motion footage that viewing audiences love. But until now, 4K UHFR record and replay has presented some tough operational challenges in a live sports environment.

The HDC-4800 captures flawless, full-resolution 4K UHD images at up to 400P (8x) or Full HD at 800P (16x). Teamed with the BPU-4800 Baseband Processor, it allows 4K HFR data and simultaneous high-quality XAVC recording* – with up to 4 hours record time and no need for a separate record/playback server.

*Optional software is required.

Better pictures, usual production staff

Ultra High Frame Rate recording and playback for live sports has always placed big demands on production resources for broadcasters and programme makers. And the technical challenges are multiplied in today’s 4K world.

Now there’s an all-in one solution for UHFR recording and playback that’s quick and simple to deploy – allowing your usual production personnel to deliver even more amazing images.

With the BPU-4800, one server operator can handle super slo-mo and normal speed highlights. Enjoy long record times and real-time file transfers, with no need for an additional UHFR data transfer operator.

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Newly developed Super 35mm imager

The camera’s large Super 35mm CMOS sensor lets the HDC-4800 take full advantage of PL mount lenses, plus support for B4 lenses via an optional adaptor for HD production. You’ll enjoy stunning 4K images that capture fast-moving sports with incredible definition. For extra operational convenience, there’s a motorised dual ND/CC filter that can be operated remotely for variable exposure control.

More colour, wider dynamics, greater realism

The newly developed Super 35mm CMOS sensor and advanced optical system of the HDC-4800 supports the next-generation ITU-R BT.2020 colour gamut. Far wider than the range of colours displayed in traditional TV broadcasts, this expanded gamut gives directors a dramatically broadened tonal palette in live broadcasts.

What’s more, the HDC-4800 can capture content in HDR (High Dynamic Range), with an expanded range of brightness levels bringing new levels of impact and realism to live sports footage.

You’ll instantly see the difference with vibrant, true-to-life Ultra High Frame Rate images, drawing TV viewers right into the colourful heart of the action by the goalmouth or at the finishing line.

Ultra High Frame Rate BPU and replay server

A perfect complement for the HDC-4800, the BPU-4800 combines baseband processing and UHFR server functions in a single, compact rack-mounting unit.

The BPU-4800 handles recording and playback of all your UHFR content, with no need for a separate server dedicated for ultra slo-mo, giving up to four hours 4K UHFR storage and – with the appropriate SZC-4008 and SZC-2016 software options from Sony – BPU-4800 will allow the HDC-4800 camera system to achieve an amazing 4K x8, and HD x16, capturing capability.

Integration with the PWS-4500 through the real-time SharePlay network also allows fast, seamless highlight editing.

Nothing’s missed with HD cutout

Powerful processing allows a Full HD Ultra High Frame Rate image to be cut out from a 4K picture in real time. During replay, any portion of the captured image can be cropped to provide a close-up UHFR HD image. This gives directors a powerful editorial tool to enrich live sports coverage with detailed analysis of the action – wherever and whenever it’s happening.

Getting closer to the action at the Big Game

With technical support from broadcast services specialist provider NEP, CBS Sports successfully trial the HDC-4800 to capture immersive 4K UHFR (8x) images at the Big Game.

Seamless integration in your live production workflow

The HDC-4800/BPU-4800 4K Ultra High Frame Rate camera system joins Sony’s widely acclaimed HDC Series family of live production products and solutions. Broadcasters can benefit from direct compatibility with a wide range of compatible accessories including viewfinders, large lens adaptors, remote control panels and camera control units.

Camera control unit

HDCU‑2000 / HDCU-2500

Full and half rack size camera control unit for HDC Series cameras

HDCU-2000 is a full 19″ rack size camera control base station for the 3G Double-Speed Multi Format HDC-2000 Series cameras. HDCU-2500 is a half 19″ rack size camera control base station for the 3G Double-Speed Multi Format HDC-2000 Series cameras.

Enabling more creative capabilities for studio, outside broadcast and sports productions, it’s equipped as standard with a wide range of interfaces including 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI outputs, 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI/analogue composite return inputs, and a down-converted analogue composite monitor output. In addition, a variety of output interfaces are offered via optional boards, which can be installed in four free slots on the HDCU-2000. A built-in LAN interface allows the camera to be controlled over a network.

Production control workstation


The PWS-100PR1 offers full control of 4K and HD workflows to produce amazing live action and highlights content. A range of operational modes includes split-screen, playlist, clip management and cut-out mode. PWA-PRC1 production control software and a video input card are pre-installed, and an optional touch-screen monitor can be added.

Media gateway station


The PWS-100MG1 Media Gateway Workstation controls 4K and HD file transfers between the BPU-4800 Baseband Processor Unit and external media. It can be used for browsing, archiving files into external media. Workstation, media application software and content viewer applications are all included.



4K/HD multi-port AV storage unit for IP network

A cornerstone of Sony’s next-generation 4K/HD IP Live production environment, this live server incorporates all the functions of the PWS-4500, including XAVC (both 4K and HD) together with flexible I/O configuration and HFR recording capability. Also included are IP interfaces, a file sharing function (Share Play) and redundant power supply.

Flexible configuration allows the PWS-4500 to be used as a highly cost-effective HD production recorder (with fewer I/Os), or as a fully-featured slow replay server supporting both 4K and HD formats, with both SDI and IP interfaces.

OLED viewfinder


7.4-inch* OLED Viewfinder for studio and portable cameras

This 7.4-inch* viewfinder uses Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display technology to deliver strikingly clear, high contrast images.

The OLED panels help prevent light emission when reproducing dark shades, resulting in very deep blacks and a contrast ratio of more than 1,000,000:1. Innovative backlight-free technology also delivers exceptional colour expression and detail with excellent energy efficiency.

Operators can accurately see contrast and colour levels when framing and focusing a shot, while the wide viewing angle and extremely fast response time are particularly useful for applications such as sports coverage.

*Viewable area measured diagonally.

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HD viewfinder


OLED 0.7-inch* colour Full HD viewfinder with 3.5-inch* sub-LCD

Compatible with a wide variety of Sony motion picture cameras, 4K/HD system cameras and shoulder-type HD camcorders, the HDVF-EL30 viewfinder features Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display technology. This enables quick pixel response for tracking and focusing fast- moving objects, together with outstanding contrast and a wide dynamic range.

The specially developed optical loupe allows a high eye-point, enabling operators to see a wider area of the picture if they stand back from the eye piece. The HDVF-EL30 has an additional 3.5-inch*, quarter HD (960 x 540) sub-LCD display allows direct monitoring over a longer distance.

*Viewable area measured diagonally.

Remote control panels

RCP-1500 series

Remote control panels for HDC cameras

The versatile RCP-1500 remote control panel for HDC system cameras includes an LCD touchpanel and user friendly buttons, plus a built-in joystick for iris and master black adjustment. The RCP-1501 offers similar functionality, but with iris and master black adjustment via operating knobs. The RCP-1530 features joystick control in a slimmer design, allowing up to five panels to be mounted in a standard 19″ rack.

Multi camera remote control panels

MSU-1500 / MSU-1000

Master setup unit, multi camera remote control panel for HDC/HSC cameras

The MSU-1000 master setup unit is a horizontally oriented control panel and the MSU-1500 master setup unit is a compact, vertically-oriented control panel for camera configuration and maintenance. They can control multiple camera systems, using either the CNU-700 Camera Command Network Unit, or via a LAN, allowing up to 96 cameras to be controlled.

Large lens adaptor


HDLA-1500, HDLA-1505, and HDLA-1507 adaptors do not require any cable wiring. Utilizing an unprecedented interlocking mechanism, this solution passes the power, video, and control signals on directly from the portable camera to the HDLA Series adaptor.

This unique mechanism also allows the portable camera to be attached and detached without removing large lenses. Furthermore, a lens can be removed even when the camera is mounted on the HDLA-1500 or HDLA-1505 adaptor. The interlocking mechanism therefore allows for astonishingly quick and smooth setup.

* The PL-B4 Lens mount adapter is required to be attached to the HDC-4800.


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