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Mitsubishi Motors studio shoot with FX9


The perfect Cine / Run and Gun camera?

On-set report from Mitsubishi Motors FX9 shoot

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Mitsubishi Motors studio shoot with FX9

Kenzen’s FX9 film-making journey

How to make a stunning cinematic showreel

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Cinematographer Kenzen Takahashi with FX9

Big-budget look with FX9

Inside details for Polish mockumentary

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FX9 on tripod with cameraman and director

Autumn Lakes – FX9 Anamorphic Shoot

Alister Chapman shoots 4K anamorphic in the Lake District

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Lake District with cameraman shooting on FX6

FX9 Mars mission

Historic launch shot with FX9 for BBC World News

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Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre with BBC news reporter and FX9

Next generation news with ITV and Z280​

Interview with Mark Smith​

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Cameraman with Z280 Camcorder on tripod

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FX9 Guide​ V2

How to get best from PXW-FX9 with Alister Chapman’s expert tips​. V2 firmware now included.

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Alister Chapman with FX9

Anamorphic Shooting with FX9

Alister Chapman’s tips on achieving distinctive film-look.

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Diagram showing anamorphic frame

Connected Production Guide

Find out how to make wireless working easy for news production, online streaming and more.

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Cameraman with PXW-Z280

​From photography to filmmaking​

For photographers who wish to shoot video as well as stills.​

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Nicholas Takeyama with ILC camera

Shooting video tips

Ten videos by Den Lennie cover everything from exposure basics to Variable ND.

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Den Lennie with FS5 and Alpha camera

Filming tips for better wedding videos

Shooting techniques by Philip White.

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Wedding ceremony close-up

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