Emotion In Every Frame

Dramatic high frame rate still from VENICE shoot

Directors of Photography Interviewed

Jaimie Cairney

Jaimie Cairney

Oliver Millar

Oliver Millar

Ben Kutchins

Ben Kutchins

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Postproduction suite for Life Ahead Netflix production

Making The Life Ahead with VENICE

Netflix original drama starring Sophia Loren

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Man standing in desert from My People, My Homeland

My People, My Homeland shot on VENICE

Behind the scenes details from DoP.

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Cinematographer James Friend

Netflix shoots Cursed in HDR

Inside details on X-OCN-based workflow.

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VENICE with CBK-3610XS Extension Kit on remote control dolly

Staying Safe On Set

VENICE Remote Operation Cinematography.

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VENICE with CBK-3610XS Extension Kit with cameraman

VENICE Extension System

Introduction and Sample builds.

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Operator in post-production suite

VENICE Workflow Benefits

Now updated with new ART format.

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