CBK-WA101 (CBKWA101)

Wireless adapter for PMW-400 and PXW-X320 [Mobile network 3G / 4G / LTE /Wireless LAN]


Connects directly to PMW-400 / PXW-X320 camcorder body to enable easy transmission of content over a wireless network
The CBK-WA101 adapter is specifically designed for the PMW-400 and PXW-X320 camcorder and can be attached directly to the camera body via a one-click mechanism. It allows XAVC proxy files to be created and then saved on an SD card in the adapter. The CBK-WA101 is then able to upload the proxy content and the original high-resolution content or perform QoS Live streaming via 3G/4G/LTE/wireless LAN* to a broadcast station, on-premises server or to a cloud environment such as XDCAM air.
Tablet or smartphone control via wireless LAN
By supporting wireless LAN connectivity, the CBK-WA101 allows tablets or smartphones to interact with it and control it via Sony’s Content Browser Mobile application. This connectivity for the PMW-400 / PXW-X320 camcorder allows users on their mobile device to remotely control the camera and review content without having to connect a monitor to the camcorder.

* For wireless transmission, wireless LAN/3G/4G/LTE dongles are necessary. For wireless LAN dongle, Sony’s “IFU-WLM3”, 2.4GHz wireless LAN dongle or CBK-WA02 (2.4GHz & 5GHz WLAN) are available. As for the Cellular Modem dongle, recommended model differs country by country depending on carrier.


General Specifications
Approx. 220 g
Dimensions (W x H x D)
84 x 95 x 55 mm without projection
Power Requirements
DC 12 V
Power Consumption
4.5W (exclusive of external USB devices)
Operating Temperature
0 to +40 ℃
+32 to +104 °F
Proxy Format (Video)
XAVC Proxy (AVC/H.264 Main Profile, 4:2:0 Long GOP)
- 1920x1080 9M(VBR) /6M (VBR)
- 1280x720, 9M (VBR)
- 640x360, 3M (VBR)
- 480x270, 1M (VBR)
Proxy Format (Audio)
AAC-LC, 2ch,128kbps for Stereo
USB device mini B Type (x1), for Camcorder host A Type (x2), for Wireless LAN USB Device and 3G/4G/LTE modem
Recording Media (*1)
SD Card Slot (x1)
Supplied Accessories
Guard Bracket (1)
Pad (2)
USB Cable (1)
CD-ROM (incl. Operation Manual) (1)
Installation Manual (1)
Before Using This Unit (1) (*3)
Warranty (1)
Cord Clamp (5) (*4)
Hook and loop fastener (2) (*4)
SDXC memory card (Speed Class: 4 or higher)
SDHC memory card (Speed Class: 4 or higher)
Three sheets of paper.
Fixation Parts, use if needed.
Items not supplied in the package of Wireless Adapter
USB dongle (*2)
If you use wireless connection, you need a Wireless LAN USB Device (IEEE 802.11b/g/n compliant) or a 3G/4G/LTE Modem.
Sony Product Wireless LAN USB Device IFU-WLM3(2.4GHz) or CBK-WA02 (2.4GHz and 5GHz) are recommended.
Smartphone or Tablet
To view a streaming content, a terminal (a Smartphone or a Tablet) and an application software (Content Browser Mobile) are required.
Application Software
(Content Browser Mobile)
Application Software to use with Smartphone or Tablet.
SD media
Need a media compatible with (*1)
Other than the mentioned above, need a system to connect to an On-Premises Server or a Sony's recommended Cloud Service if transferring the file.
Need a contract to a carrier in order to use via Wireless LAN/3G/4G/LTE. The availability of USB Dongles vary across countries/areas. A Wireless LAN USB Device and a 3G/4G/LTE Modem cannot be used simultaneously for File Transfer function.