Engage Your Audience, Live

Live Acquisition and Media Processing

Cameras built for breath taking coverage. Workflows engineered for efficient productions. Business models designed for growth—long into the future.

Explore the future of live production

Push your business forward. Explore new production techniques, revenue streams and the latest in VR and AR. Give camera operators and vision mixers the workflows that make the most of their skills and your resources. Capture stunning HDR images, 4K detail and depth—whether you work remotely or on-site.

Learn how broadcasters can tailor the pitch-side ads shown to fans around the world. Parallel Ads® uses our Global Shutter technology to open up new revenue opportunities for rights holders.

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Live Your Vision Webinars

Get the latest insight on how you can generate new revenue streams.

Build your business and deliver remarkable productions

Captivate viewers with dramatic live images, within any budget. Use workflows designed for fast-paced productions that let your crew make the most of their skills. Install systems and infrastructure that deliver immediate ROI. Increase efficiency, decrease costs, build flexibility and agility into your business. And keep exploring what’s next, so you stay ahead of the competition and give viewers new experiences.

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EMG delivers UHD HDR sports coverage

We built an end-to-end HDR workflow with EMG, using existing infrastructure and SDR workflows. Now, EMG can offer HDR and SDR content—simultaneously—through the same workflow, across cameras, processors, reference monitors and beyond.

SR Live for HDR workflow whitepaper

Find out how we’ve built an HDR workflow using our SR Live technology. Learn how it lets you create programmes in HDR and SDR, simultaneously, through a single, efficient workflow.

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Football player back kicking a football.

Give fans a dramatic, cinematic viewing experience

Capture every bit of colour, detail and atmosphere from the world’s most thrilling live events. Create an unforgettable spectacle for your viewers with our VENICE full-frame cinema camera—whether you’re shooting HDR or SDR. With new remote control capabilities, VENICE is ready to slot into multi-camera productions. And the VENICE Extension System gives you incredible flexibility with how and where you install it.

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ESPN uses VENICE for live broadcasts with more impact

ESPN wanted to bring a ‘filmic’ look to its productions. Working with NEP Netherlands, it installed VENICE cameras during a studio re-build in the MediaArena, Amsterdam. Now, its coverage has stunning depth of field and smoothly blurred backgrounds. “It’s a more cinematic look and feel. That’s what I like, and I like depth in my shots, even in the studio. So we always try to create a lot of depth.” – Henk Van Meerkerk, head of production, ESPN NL

Cinematic Look for Live

Learn how you could bring a cinematic feel to your live productions. Explore new possibilities and read how other pioneers use our VENICE camera to create exceptional viewing experiences.

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Sony VENICE camera for cinematic look

Trusted partners and the future of live production

Sony sits at the centre of a network of live production innovators. Together, we explore everything from the frontiers of VR and AR to the revenue opportunities of Parallel Ads and the efficiency of remote operations. We partner with leaders in camera control, automation and studio virtualisation so we can expand the horizons of studio production.

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Simpler VR and AR production workflows

Enjoy smarter remote productions with our PTZ cameras. Using the Free-D camera tracking protocol, they exchange real-time data on pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris. Integrate with VR and AR production solutions and use IP networks, for a simple set-up.

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