Camera extension unit for HXCE-FZ90
Image of the following product: HXCE-FZ90


Extends fiber connection up to 10km

The HXCE-FZ90 is very useful for building a flexible system. You can combine Sony’s CCFN hybrid cable and single mode fiber in order to maintain cable wiring durability over a long distance. The HXCE-FZ90 can supply power to HXC-FZ90 and it can extend the extension distance from 300m + 10km.

4K picture quality and connection for all signals
The HXCE-FZ90 provides the excellent picture images as well as flexible integration and the possibility to extend the operation with signals in 4K/full HD.


Optical fiber connection

The HXCE-FZ90 helps ensure excellent picture quality and easy integration using optical fiber connection for distances up to 300m with power supply or up to 10km with single mode fiber and local power supply.

Very compact design and lightweight

The compact unit makes it easy to position in any available space in proximity of the event, while remaining inconspicuous. It is easy to carry, with a handle to help with speedy deployment and set up.

Connector options

The HXCE-FZ90 is supplied with 2x optical CON DUO connectors as standard. It is possible to adopt Lemo-type connectors as an optional alternative, using the HKC-LC01 and the HKC-LC02 Lemo-type fiber connector.