7.4-inch OLED Viewfinder for portable cameras
Image of the following product: HDVF-EL75


Stunning OLED image quality

The 7.4-inch* HDVF-EL75 Viewfinder delivers strikingly high contrast, a wide dynamic range, and a fast response time thanks to the use of revolutionary Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display technology.

OLED panels help prevent light emission when reproducing dark shades, resulting in very deep blacks and a contrast ratio of more than 1,000,000:1. The lack of a backlight allows the device to control all phases of light emission from zero to peak brightness. The innovative technology delivers exceptional colour expression and detail without wasting power, so it is also an exceptional energy-saver.

High Definition acquisition requires extremely precise focusing, so OLED image quality delivers significant benefits by allowing the operator to accurately see contrast and colour levels when framing a shot. A wide viewing angle aids operator comfort while an extremely fast response time is particularly useful for applications such as sports coverage.

In addition, the HDVF-EL75 is packed with a wide range of sophisticated, user-friendly features such as Focus Assist, four assignable switches and a position-adjustment mechanism with unprecedented flexibility.


7.4-inch, quarter HD (960 x 540) panel with advanced Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display technology.
Quick response for tracking and focusing on moving objects
High contrast and wide dynamic range, thanks to OLED panel characteristics such as deep black colour reproduction and high-peak brightness
Incorporating a 10-bit panel driver, the OLED panel creates smoother-than-ever gradation from dark to bright portions
Stable and long-term colour reproduction with Sony’s unique feedback circuit
Focus Assist function supports accurate focusing
Image Magnification function magnifies just the portion of the image that is in the viewfinder display
Peaking Plus function enhances the edge of an object by colour, area selected, or both
Four assignable switches
Waveform Monitor function
Flexible position adjustment mechanism makes it easy to place the viewfinder to suit the operator - or even fold downwards when not in use