ECM-44B (ECM44B)

Affordable omni-directional lavalier Electret condenser microphone


Sony has produced over five million professional ECM (Electret Condenser Microphones) microphones and the ECM-44 is the affordable, general voice model. It provides good sound quality and is widely used in business presentation systems and TV production. The ECM-44 is available in four versions, featuring different connector types. This model, ECM-44B, is the XLR version with power barrel for use as a wired microphone.
Convenient to use
The ECM-44 is an affordable alternative to the traditional hand held microphone and being 'hands free' it allows the presenter to concentrate on her/his performance
Professional image
Either 'in front of camera' or at a business presentation the ECM-44 creates a professional and tidy image.
Easy to use
It can often be difficult to achieve good quality voice pick-up but the ECM-44 can help get good results. The microphone's capsule is designed for general voice pick-up with a mid-frequency emphasis characteristic and a suitable frequency response.


Tuned for voice pick-up
The ECM-44's capsule features an emphasis curve and a suitable frequency response for voice pick-up.
Compact size
The capsule has a diameter of only 8.5mm and is 14.5mm long.
Ready for wired applications
The ECM-44B is the wired version with an XLR output and integral power supply barrel. This version can either be powered by an external microphone amp or internally by battery (LR6 or AA size). A single AA battery will provide several thousand hours of use.


Audio Section
Capsule Type
Electret Condenser
Frequency Response
40 Hz to 15kHz
Sensitivity *[1]
-53.0 dB ±3 dB
Output Impedance *[2]
250Ω±20%, Balanced
Dynamic Range
90 dB or more
Signal-to-Noise Ratio *[3]
62 dB or more
Inherent Noise *[4]
32 dB SPL or less
Induction Noise From External Magnetic Field *[5]
5 dB SPL or less
Wind Noise *[6]
40 dB SPL or less (with windscreen)
Maximum Input Sound Pressure Level *[7]
122 dB SPL
General Section
B type. Supplied with XLR-3-12C (male) connector in power supply unit (single AA size battery)
Mic Cable
9.8 feet
3 m
Power Requirements
Phamtom Power Not Supported
DC 1.5 V (AA size battery)
Battery Operating Time
Approx. 6000 h (LR6)
Power Consumption
0.3 mA or less
Dimensions *[8]
φ8.5 x 14.5 mm (Mic head)
φ20.0 x 126 mm (Power unit XLR type)
φ13/16 x 5 inches (Power unit XLR type)
φ11/32 x 19/32 inches (Mic head)
Approx. 4.3 oz (with power supply unit)
Approx. 121 g (with power supply unit)
Supplied Accessories
Urethane type windscreen (1)
Single/horizontal type tie clip (1)
Operating instructions (1)
Mic case (1)
Optional Accessories
Wind screen pack
Horizontal single-clip pack
*[1] 0 dB = 1 V/Pa, at 1 kHz
*[2] Output impedance at 1 kHz
*[3] A-weighted, 1 kHz, 1 Pa.
*[4] 0dB SPL = 20? Pa.
*[5] dB SPL/1E-7 T, 0 dB SPL = 20? Pa.
*[6] Wind noise at 2m/s (0 dB SPL = 20?Pa.)
*[7] 0 dB SPL = 20? Pa.
*[8] The values for dimensions are approximate.

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