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Flexible, easy to integrate display solutions to inform staff and support efficient management of customer orders.

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Back of house and operations solutions for retail environments

Our bright, energy efficient BRAVIA Professional Displays are ideal for integration in retailers’ and restaurant owners’ back of house systems. Exceptional reliability in demanding in-store environments is complemented by centralised screen set-up and management, saving time for busy installers and retailers. We also work closely with leading software and hardware technology partners to create end-to-end back of house solutions for retailers.

Seamless integration into back of house systems

Our BRAVIA Professional Displays are ideal for integration with interactive touch solutions to create end-to-end order management operations linking online and offline customer orders with back of house operations. Slim, bright, and easy to install, they can be mounted horizontally or vertically to suit a wide range of operational requirements.

Display shows orders in fast food restaurant back of house
Two staff members in car dealership talk with a display on the wall with a graphic

Exceptional image quality

Every BRAVIA 4K Professional Display presents crisply detailed images with high brightness and rich vibrant colours – allowing staff to see every detail clearly in bright environments. The display’s wide viewing angle ensures information can be seen by all staff members in crowded kitchens and work areas.

Quick and easy set up

Save precious installation time with Pro Mode that allows BRAVIA settings to be customised and copied quickly across multiple screens during set-up. Easily adjust and save power scheduling, PIN lock and other display settings for seamless operation and to eliminate accidental misuse or tampering.

Sony's “Pro settings” screen shows a menu with options for exporting settings, start-up services, USB drive auto run, HTML5 platform, Admin password, AC power one, PC input optimisation and wake-up on signal.
two workers in a warehouse with a professional display mounted on the wall with an “earth-day celebration” message

Reliable and energy efficient

Energy-efficient BRAVIA Professional Displays can help retailers support sustainability goals with smart features like automatic brightness control, optimising screen brightness according to your room’s lighting for optimal power consumption. Lifetime operating costs are reduced further with reliable operation for reduced maintenance requirements.

Sony’s Deep Black Non-Glare Coating technology

It’s a challenge achieving vivid, high-contrast visuals that customers can connect with in brightly-lit retail stores, shopping malls and restaurants. Exclusive to our high-grade BZ40L BRAVIA Professional Displays, Deep Black Non-Glare Coating combines two advanced technologies that reduce screen glare and reflections without compromising image brightness, detail and clarity. It’s a big step forward, significantly improving the legibility of signage and information displays in all lighting conditions.

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BRAVIA with Deep Black Non-Glare Coating attracts shoppers visually

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Explore 4K displays for back of house and operations
Sony BRAVIA BZ35L professional display

Enhanced 4K HDR Professional Displays with 32GB storage, premium features, and high brightness up to 550 nits. In screen sizes up to 85”.

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Sony BRAVIA BZ30L professional display

4K HDR Professional Displays with 24/7 operation, portrait/tilt, X1 processor, Pro mode, Airplay and Chromecast capability, in a wide range of sizes up 85” and up to 440 nits brightness, ideal for large-scale multi-screen installations.

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Sustainability in every scene

BRAVIA Professional Displays are designed with intelligence to be kinder on the environment.

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Sony BRAVIA displays a landscape

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