Professional Spare Parts

How do I order spare parts?

If you’ve got a direct sales account with Sony Professional, you can order spare parts via our IBISS online ordering tool.

If you don’t have a direct sales account, please contact your local Authorised Service Centre.

What is the shipping costs for spare parts orders?

Shipping costs are currently €15 per order, or the equivalent in your local currency.

What additional support do you offer?

We are delighted to support our professional customers with any of these specialised requirements:

  • A special / tender spare part order
  • A large spare part order
  • Pricing support for a contractual agreement / other
  • Shipping requests, such as nominated day for delivery

For more information, please email the spare parts team.

What is the return policy on spare parts under warranty?

If you believe you’ve received a faulty or DOA spare part which is covered by Sony Professional’s warranty, please email our helpdesk with the following details:

1. Part number
2. Quantity
3. Description of fault
4. Original invoice number / SON (Sony Order Number)
5. If damaged, please attach photos

Once validated, we will send a claim number and the details of a local courier account number. Sony will pay shipping costs for collection of the spare part from your premises (unless it is determined by us that the part does not need to be returned).

Contact the local courier and arrange collection. Please ensure that the part is adequately repackaged to prevent any damage occurring during transit. Please ensure your claim number is stated clearly with the shipment.

Return address
c/o DHL Supply Chain Belgium N.V.
DHL Mechelen,
Hall 1
Zandvoortstraat 3
2800 Mechelen

Tel: +32 (0)15 299 116

Once the courier Airway Bill number is confirmed to the helpdesk, the claim will be processed in the system and a credit note will be issued when Sony receives the part. A copy of the credit note will be included with your next batch of invoices. These documents are issued by email, as a PDF document.

Why Sony won't let me return certain spare parts or charge me for their return?

Whether a spare part is in warranty or not, the process differs if the reason for the return is any of the following:

  1. Part no longer required
  2. Part ordered incorrectly
  3. Wrong quantity ordered
  4. Outside warranty

If a return is requested for part that has a value of less than €250, Sony reserves the right to refuse the return. If Sony accepts a return, you may be charged a 15% restocking fee, and pay for the return of the part. The credit is only generated once Sony has received the Airway Bill number and the parts have been returned to our warehouse.

If a part is out of warranty, Sony will look into any return requests on a case-by-case basis.

Who can I contact if I’ve got a question about spare parts?

Email our helpdesk at



Sony is continually monitoring the services we provide to customers, and we welcome feedback. On a bi-annual basis Sony asks customers to participate in our spare parts customer satisfaction survey. We rely on feedback to improve our offerings and focus on any areas for improvement. If you would like to be included in our next survey please email the survey team.