Video Wall tileable display unit featuring Crystal LED Ultrafine Micro LED technology
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The ultimate large-screen display solution: create incredible LED video walls on any scale

Create incredible visual presentation and display screens with the scalable and modular ZRD-2 Display Unit.

Multiple ZRD-2 Display Units can be 'tiled' seamlessly to create super-size displays of virtually any dimensions or aspect ratio, with exceptional image uniformity and no bezels or visible gaps between each modular panel.

Our unique Crystal LED Display technology creates spectacular large-scale video walls with lifelike realism. Separate red, green and blue Ultrafine Micro LEDs allow 99% of the panel’s surface area to be completely black. Exceeding the limits of conventional LED technology, this enables an extraordinarily high contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1, with enormous colour range (140% of sRGB). A virtually 180 degree viewing angle and impressive 1000 nit brightness provides immersive viewing in light or dark environments.

Crystal LED brings the world’s biggest ideas to life with awe-inspiring visuals in any environment, with applications ranging from industrial product design and manufacturing to theme parks and museums, corporate meeting rooms and lobbies, retail showrooms, lecture theatre and broadcast studios.

Operation also requires the ZRCT-100/ZRCT-200 Display Controller (available separately).

All Crystal LED products are made in Japan. Crystal LED products are compliant with the Trade Agreements Act and accordingly, may be purchased by the United States Government.


Super high contrast

Unique to Sony, Crystal LED Display technology delivers an outstanding contrast ratio in excess of 1,000,000:1 for rich, deep blacks and sparkling highlights in any ambient lighting conditions.

Crystal LED Display technology

Each ZRD-2 Display Unit features a matrix of red/green/blue LED elements, each measuring less than 0.003 sq mm. This allows a huge 99% of the display’s area to be completely black, dramatically enhancing contrast compared with conventional surface-mount displays.

Wide colour space

Audiences can enjoy natural, rich colours and lifelike tones with an extra-wide native colour space that's 140% of sRGB.

High brightness

Impressive 1000 nit brightness gives a spectacular showcase for your content in any viewing environment.

Smooth reproduction of fast-moving action

Unique pixel drive circuitry achieves an ultra-fast video response time with a 120Hz refresh rate - ideal for sports, concerts or training simulations requiring large-screen visuals with no delay or blur.

Wide 180 degree viewing angle

Isotropic luminescence ensures an extra-wide viewing angle of almost 180 degrees (horizontal/vertical), giving a clear, uncompromised view for every audience member with no colour shift or brightness change.

Uniform image with no gaps or visible seams

The Display Unit's bezel-free design ensures no gaps or visible seams between multiple display units.

Create high-impact visual displays on any scale

Multiple ZRD-2 Display Units can be 'tiled' seamlessly to create impressive large-scale displays with virtually any dimensions or aspect ratio.

3D capable

The Crystal LED Display System can display smooth, immersive 3D content at up to 60p frame rate that's viewed by audience members wearing active 3D glasses.


Pixel Pitch
Black Area
>99% (Ratio of display area except lighting point area)
Unit Resolution (W x H)
320 x 360 (115,200 pixels)
Unit Size (W x H x D)
403.2 x 453.6 x 100 mm (15 7/8 x 17 7/8 x 4 in)
Unit Mass
10.0 kg
Brightness (nit = cd/m2)
Maximum 1,000
Contrast Ratio
more than 1,000,000:1
Viewing Angle
Almost 180°(H/V)
Display Native Color Space
140% of sRGB
Refresh Rate
100Hz / 120Hz
Signal Interface
1 in 1 out (2 x RJ45) (Unit-Controller or Unit-Unit)
Power Requirements
AC 200-240V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Maximum Power Consumption (per Unit)
200 W

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