Ten bright reasons to switch to laser projection

Our bright, reliable laser projectors are great for businesses, universities, colleges and visitor attractions with spectacular picture quality, flexible operation and up to 20,000 hours operation without replacing the light source. Here are ten reasons for switching to laser projection with Sony.

1. Laser lasts longer

Ordinary projector lamps have the habit of lasting a few thousand hours at best. The long-lasting light source in our laser projectors is rated for an estimated 20,000 hours operation (depending on operation conditions). Typically, that means you don’t need to replace the light source for almost ten years in normal use.

Ten bright reasons to choose laser, projector
Image showing a bright projection on a dark stage.

2. Optimised performance with Intelligent Settings

Intelligent Settings offer presets that optimise brightness, colour, cooling and other settings to simplify installation and adapt to suit all usage environments. Selected projectors are equipped with an Advanced Intelligent Settings function, which provides comprehensive configuration options for long-term stable operation.

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3. Less trouble, lower ownership costs

Virtually no maintenance means no downtime. Extended filter replacement cycles keep the projector in peak operating condition. With laser it all adds up to lower lifetime ownership costs compared with conventional lamp-based projectors.

ten bright reasons to choose laser, projector
ten bright reasons to choose laser, projector

4. Visibly brilliant pictures

Our projectors team a highly efficient laser light source with Sony’s acclaimed 3LCD BrightEra™ panel technology. It’s a powerful combination that delivers exceptionally bright, high contrast pictures with excellent colour accuracy and stability.

5. Stays bright without fading

The lamp source in conventional projectors fades over time, making presentations noticeably dimmer and duller as the lamp ages. With a laser light source you’ll enjoy consistent brightness levels. So every presentation looks as clear, bright and beautiful as the last.

ten bright reasons to choose laser, projector
ten bright reasons to choose laser

6. No waiting

The laser light source turns on and off instantly, unlike conventional lamp projectors that need time to warm up and cool down. That means there’s no more valuable time wasted at the start of lectures or an important presentation.

7. Install any way you want

The long-lasting light source in our laser projectors doesn’t have any special installation requirements. Mount the projector sideways, at an angle or upside down – any way you want it.

ten bright reasons to choose laser
ten bright reasons to choose laser

8. Cleaner and greener

With lots of energy-saving features built in, our laser projectors are kinder on the environment. As well as helping the planet, you’ll also be grateful for the welcome reduction in electricity bills.

9. Wider connectivity options

Dual HDMI ports and a direct USB port simplify connection with laptops and other devices. Smart features allow integration with control, monitoring and management systems in AV and IT environments. Project from a networked computer or present wirelessly from laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Side view image of a Sony projector showing its input and output sockets.
A sleek minimal meeting room, with a projector subtly placed on the ceiling.

10. Compact, minimalist design

Our range of laser projectors have been designed to seamlessly blend in with any venue. The simple design, tidy cable management and low fan noise make our projectors a functional, discreet product suitable for installation in conference rooms, museums and other modern spaces.

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