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Simplify the working day for busy staff, manage meetings more efficiently and optimise use of room resources with our easy to integrate and customise room and desk booking solutions.

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Make meeting rooms work for every employee

Booking and managing meetings can be a time-consuming distraction for busy staff. Our suite of meeting room and desk booking solutions puts employees firmly in control of scheduling meetings in advance, or grabbing a free room for impromptu get-togethers. Everything’s managed centrally, cutting meeting chaos and helping organisations make optimal use of their meeting room and desk resources.

Manage room and desk bookings with TEOS Book

Need to meet or find a desk space? Colour-coded lighting on an intuitive tablet lets employees know instantly if the room’s free. Vacant rooms can be booked there and then using the tablet – with no need for employees to return to their desks to consult central calendars. The tablet also shows a timeline display, showing when rooms and desks are next available. Issues with meeting room facilities or devices not working? A single touch connects employees directly with someone in the building who can help, assisting with speedy resolution and helping meetings continue without disruption.

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Large display screen in office reception with overview list of all meeting rooms status

Show employees available meeting spaces with TEOS Room Status

Keeping everyone in the picture makes a big difference to employee efficiency and morale. Live meeting room occupancy, bookings, meeting agendas, room capacity and more can be shared on a large display in open office floors and common areas. Ensuring all members of staff know what’s going on, TEOS Room Status empowers employees to be more organised and effective throughout their working day. Room status information can be combined with attractive digital signage to keep staff fully informed with news and announcements.

Empower staff to manage bookings on the go with TEOS Meet

An intuitive mobile app puts staff in control of their working day. Meeting rooms and desk spaces can be booked on employees’ smartphones from anywhere, without needing to be on a company network. Other useful functions are also managed through the single easy-to-use application, from wireless screen mirroring for easy content sharing, controlling AV devices and reporting incidents if there’s an issue that needs fixing or even making catering requests.

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Explore room and desk booking solutions for corporate environments
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Streamline room management and meeting coordination with TEOS. Simplify bookings, access agendas, and coordinate seamlessly.

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