RCP-1001 (RCP1001)

Dial type of simple Remote Control Panel for HDC/HSC/HXC series cameras. 6 units in 19-inch EIA rack.


The RCP-1001 is a compact control panel with specialised basic operations. The iris and master black adjustment block employs a dial (knob) type control. Up to six units can be mounted in a 19-inch EIA rack. Various settings can be configured according to the operation configuration and the frequency with which functions are used.


Simple and compact
This remote control panel is equipped with the control functions required to perform the basic operations of cameras enabling the simple and accurate operation of various camera functions
IRIS/MB (master black) display window.
The IRIS window displays the iris setting as an F number. If the lens is closed, "CLS" is displayed. The Master black display window displays the master black setting value.
Direct control filters and master gain buttons
Easily access ND/CC filters as well as master gain control
Customisable switch
User's can assign any function to a spare switch.
Building of a variety of control systems
HDC/HSC/BVP user's can build a multi-camera control system through use of the CNU-700. In a system that uses CNU-700's, two CNU's can be used to control a camera system of up to 24 cameras. A system that uses a LAN can also be built by connecting to a LAN-compatible CCU.


Power supply
DC 10.5 V to 30 V
Power consumption
2 W
Operating temperature
5 °C to 40 °C (41 °F to 104 °F)
Dimensions (W x H x D) (excluding protrusions)
68 × 244 × 84.4 mm (2 3/4 × 9 5/8 × 3 3/8 in.)
1.1 kg (2 lb 9 oz)
Input/output connectors
Multi-connector 8-pin, female (x1)
D-sub 9-pin, female (x1)