Sony Professional Healthcare Webinars

Our healthcare webinars provide key insights into the very latest healthcare technologies. Learn directly from our specialists about the latest features of our products and solutions. Healthcare staff and professionals such as surgical and ICU staff and hospital IT professionals will gain key insights, practical tips and demonstrations that will help improve surgical imaging workflows across the OR and beyond.

All webinars are available in English.

Introducing NUCLeUS™ for smart ICU | ON-DEMAND
Join us as Strategic Marketing Manager John Herman presents our Smart Imaging Platform for the ICU. In this webinar the focus will be discussing the added values of NUCLeUS for smart ICU - From remote patient monitoring through to audio-visual communication, attend this webinar to learn how you can empower your ICU to work more efficiently and improve patient care. Duration: 45 minutes
Why Sony Monitors are so important for OR integration with NUCLeUS™ | ON-DEMAND
In this exclusive webinar session Sony experts discuss the features and dedicated functions of Sony's surgical monitors. Learn about what makes Sony's surgical monitors the ideal complement to surgical imaging and OR integration - From low latency through to high image quality and easy integration. Duration: 30 minutes
Introducing smart imaging for operating rooms and beyond
Join us for an exclusive webinar session in which Technical Applications Manager Karsten Miersch will lead discussion on how our Smart Imaging solution NUCLeUS™ is enhancing surgical imaging workflows with smarter image management. Duration: 45 minutes