Joystick type of remote control panel for HDC/HSC/HXC series cameras.
5 units in 19-inch EIA rack.
Image of the following product: RCP-3100


Remote Control Panel for HDC series cameras

The RCP-3100 is a remote control panel for Sony system cameras, which has a variety of settings for the multifunctional operations while having a slim body that is just 80 mm wide, which allows you to mount up to five units in a 19-inch EIA rack. The iris and master black adjustment block employs joystick type control.


Many direct access switches suitable for various camera operations

This remote control panel is provided with the control functions required to perform various camera operations. The operation buttons, adjustment knobs, and other controls are arranged on the panel according to function and frequency of use. Guard frames are provided around buttons that are vital to the operation and setup of cameras to prevent the buttons from being unintentionally operated.

Customizable switch and menu

Users can assign many paint functions to the assignable switches in addition to the direct push buttons for quick access to the camera/CCU/BPU.

LAN connection capability

It is possible to connect either by LAN cable or CCA-5 cable. Therefore, when setting up a multi-camera control system, it can be built either using the CNU-700 or using a LAN. The LAN connection can supply the power via a PoE switch. The initial settings are available via PC's GUI via its Web server.

Higher efficiency of rack mounting allocation by narrow body design

It is just 80 mm wide, which allows you to mount up to five units in a 19-inch EIA rack.

Building of a variety of control systems

HDC/HSC/HXC/BRC users can build a multi-camera control system through the use of the CNU-700. In a system that uses CNU-700s, two CNUs can be allocated to control a camera system of up to 24 cameras. A system that uses a LAN can be also built by connecting to the LAN-compatible CCU.