IP-ready Camera Control Unit (CCU) for HDC-3500 4K/HD system camera
Image of the following product: HDCU-3500


The HDCU-3500 Camera Control Unit is designed for operation with the Sony HDC-3500 and HDC-3500 4K/HD system cameras. It provides interfaces to external equipment and power supply to the camera in a compact, portable half rack width 3U form factor that’s ideal for OB production environments.

A 12G-SDI and 4K output is available via an optional software license HZCU-UHD35. The CCU also provides a pathway for IP operation with HDC Series optical fibre studio cameras.

IP Tally support (TSL UMD v5.0) is featured as standard, while CCU menu settings can be conveniently adjusted remotely via a network

*1 For more details on the JT-NM Tested program in March 2020 and test results, please go to https://jt-nm.org/jt-nm_tested.
*2 For more details on the JT-NM Tested program at IBC 2019 and its test results please see http://jt-nm.org/jt-nm_tested.


Compact body, powerful capability

This CCU realize 4K and IP in half lack size compact body.

Ready for IP

The optional HKCU-SFP50 IP Interface Kit adds ST 2110 4K/HD IP video/audio and IP intercam capabilities.

High quality long distance signal transmission

Combined with the optional HKCU-SM50 interface kit, the compact HDCU-3500 can be directly connected to the HDC-3500 or HDC-3100 using 3G Single Mode Fibre (SMF) for long distance transmission up to 10 km, making it ideal for space-limited operations such as OB trucks.

Wide range of HDC camera support

HDCU-3500 support not only HDC-3500, HDC-3100 but existing HDC-2500 series natively. Moreover, with hardware options, HDCU-3500 is capable of connecting to HDC-5500, the flagship 4K camera.

MENU setting from web browser

The CCU support menu control from web browser. The status monitoring of multiple CCU, setting file import/export and remote firmware update enhance the efficiency and convenience of the operation.

Recording and real-time network transfer

With the recording option HKCU-REC55, the HDCU-3500 can record the live feed inside CCU. The file can be transfered to USB SSD or network storage in real-time during recording. Therefore, when the shooting operation is finished, the file is already transferred to portable SSD or NAS.