Camera Control Unit (CCU) for HDC-5500 and HDC-3500/3100 series system cameras
Image of the following product: HDCU-5000


The HDCU-5000 is a full 19” rack size Camera Control Unit (CCU) with dual transmission capability, offering UHB (Ultra High Bitrate) transmission for the HDC-5500 system camera and 3G transmission for HDC-3500/3100 series system cameras. This choice of transmission options broadens production flexibility for studio, outside broadcast (OB) and sports applications.

The HDCU-5000 is equipped with a range of built-in interfaces including 12G-SDI/3G-SDI/HD-SDI outputs and 12G-SDI/3G-SDI/HD-SDI return inputs.

Providing power to the HDC-5500 camera head, the optical fibre transmission system maintains uncompromised picture quality over cable runs of up to 4,000 metres*.

* When supplying power to the camera via optical fibre cable. Maximum cable length varies according to the camera system configuration, lens type, viewfinder type, size of optical fibre cable and number of cable connectors.

*1 For more details on the JT-NM Tested program in March 2020 and test results, please go to https://jt-nm.org/jt-nm_tested.

*2 For more details on the JT-NM Tested program at IBC 2019 and its test results please see http://jt-nm.org/jt-nm_tested.


Versatile built-in interfaces

The HDCU-5000 features a wide range of built-in interfaces, including 12G-SDI/3G-SDI/HD-SDI outputs and 12G-SDI/3G-SDI/HD-SDI return inputs. The CCU offers four 12G-SDI outputs and a maximum of eight 3G-SDI outputs as standard. Adding the optional HKCU-SDI50 expands this to a maximum of eight 12G-SDI outputs.

LAN interface for network control

The HDCU-5000 includes a built-in LAN interface (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX). This allows the camera to be controlled over a network, and this interface can also be used for an IP TALLY function.

Ultra High Bitrate transmission

The HDCU-5000 supports UHB (Ultra High Bitrate) transmission. This enables 4K 2x slow motion, or simultaneous transmission of two 4K pictures (main camera plus other camera, e.g. a POV picture input to trunk line).

Long distance transmission and utility out via HDLA

The CCU’s high power supply allows HDC-5500 series cameras to operate with the HDLA-1500/HDLA-1505/HDLA-1507 HD large lens adaptors over longer distances. HDLA utility out is available with HDCU-5000.

Extensive expansion options

The HDCU-5000 offers four types of interface expansion option. The HKCU-SDI50 provides four additional 12G-SDI interfaces. The HKCU-SFP50 provides an ST 2110 IP interface (including IP intercom function). The HKCU-SM50 provide a single mode fibre connection capability between the camera and CCU. The HKCU-REC50 adds a CCU internal recording capability, allowing up to 4 hours recording time at 4K XAVC-I C300.

Gigabit Ethernet trunk line

The HDCU-5000 CCU features a single channel trunk line (1Gb Ethernet) to support easy data transmission.

Multi-format functionality

The HDCU-5000 offers multi-format support for 4K up to 2x, HD HFR up to 8x, PsF format, 1080-4:4:4-RGB (@23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF, 29.97PsF).

Recording and real-time network transfer

Adding the HKCU-REC50 internal recording option allows the HDCU-5000 CCU to record the camera’s live feed (up to 4 hours recording time at 4K XAVC-I C300). Footage can be transfered in real time to a connected USB solid state drive or NAS (Network Attached Storage) device while recording takes place. As soon as shooting is finished, the file is immediately available on the attached storage device.