Large Lens Adaptor
Image of the following product: HDLA-3505


The HDLA-3505 allows operation of the HDC/HSC cameras together with large studio/OB lenses and viewfinders. It provides a very simple one-touch cable-free mounting of the camera head so that it can be quickly and easily converted from hand-held to tripod configuration. It has a LCD display panel to assign the frequently used favorable functions SDI input video signal.


Quick mounting of portable camera head by one-touch instant docking mechanism

The camera can be fitted quickly and easily into the adaptor. This unique mechanism allows the Sony camera to be attached and detached without removing the large lens. To provide efficient operation in studio or OB environments, the large lens adaptor has a unique design which allows the camera to be converted from hand-held to large lens configuration in just a few seconds. This is available by cable-free operation with all connections contained in "hot shoe" mounting. Utilizing the interlocking mechanism, power, video, and control signals are passed on directly from the camera head to the HDLA-3505, without requiring additional cable connections. The HDLA-3505 can be also used with the portable lens on the system camera by removing the front plate of the large lens support.

Note that the saddle mount type viewfinder does require a cable connection.

Compatible with HDVF viewfinders

The HDLA-3505 is specifically designed to allow the Sony HDVF viewfinders to be mounted on the rear of the camera body.

Note that the saddle assembly part for the HDVF-EL70 is not supplied with the HDLA-3505, and it is to be additionally requested.

LCD display panel

The LCD display panel is provided for easier menu assignable operations and simple monitoring of the SDI input HD video signal which is available on the HDLA outside panel.

Assignable features

The selected camera assignable features can be set by the LCD panel operation. The 5 assignable buttons are also provided on the HDLA-3505's real panel in addition to the LCD display menus.

SDI input and Through output

The SDI input and Through output terminals are provided for the external HD video signal, and the SDI input HD video signal can be displayed on the LCD panel to check the input signal such as return video or sub camera's signal for quick monitoring purpose.

Electronic paper for camera number

Electronic paper type indication device are adopted for the camera number on the both side panels. It can link to the HDC camera's indication with the free image design. The tally indications are also available on the side panels in addition to the top tally lamp.

USB connectors

The type-A and Type-C USB connectors are provided on the inside panel for power supply to the appliance gadget such as tablet PC.

Wide selection of shotgun microphone

The screw holes for CAC-12 (Microphone Holder) installation can be widely chosen out of 4 positions on the HDLA-3505 body.