NXCAM PAL solid-state camcorder


Professional camcorder with hybrid capabilities
Capable of capturing HD and SD in AVCHD and MPEG-2 formats and saving it to solid state media.
Simultaneous record
Because the unit can capture to media cards plus an optional flash memory unit, you can a different signal to each, whether HD + a backup or HD + SD. The footage is then easily downloaded to a computer or backup drive using USB 2.0.
When using two, 32-GB memory cards, six hours of continuous HD footage can be recorded.
Easy operation
The completely new menu interface allows users to adjust camcorder functions via a touch panel or buttons and switches. This interface is newly designed specifically for this model. Easier and more straightforward operations are achieved by the combination of a high-resolution XtraFine LCD panel, XtraFine electronic viewfinder (EVF), and well-defined layout.
Hybrid operation
Equipped with a touch panel LCD with a complete new interface specifically designed for this new camcorder. Most of settings can be adjusted by touch screen operation, which is easy, straightforward, and instinctive for operators. However, standard operation using buttons and switches is also available, to provide users with choices to suit any shooting situation.


Exmor 3 CMOS sensors
Three Exmor CMOS sensors with a ClearVid array comprise a state-of-the-art sensor system from Sony which realises high resolution, high sensitivity, a wide dynamic range, and excellent colour reproduction, regardless of the codec.
Memory recording and Hybrid
Memory recording on affordable consumer memory cards offers workflow efficiency at both the shooting and editing stages. Combined with hybrid recording, using an optional HXR-FMU128, the user achieves a totally IT-based workflow, with the added bonus of instant data backup.
AVCHD format
The AVCHD recording format, which utilises the MPEG-4, AVC/H.264 video codec, allows users to record HD video footage onto random access media, such as Memory Stick PRO Duo and SDHC memory cards. Its intelligent and sophisticated algorithm makes AVCHD a highly efficient compression format ideal for memory recording and IT-based editing.
G lens
This sophisticated lens is optimised to complement the camcorder's advanced image sensor and image-processing technology.
Natural-touch lens operation
The focus, zoom and iris ring are positioned on the lens barrel, and this design offers the same operability as general interchangeable lenses. Focus, zoom and iris control can all be managed easily.
Six-blade iris
The six-blade iris diaphragm is nearly circular, enabling the creation of an extremely beautiful background blur.
Built-in ND filters
The HXR-NX5P is equipped with three built-in ND (Neutral Density) filters--1/4, 1/16, 1/64--which help to vary the depth of field with iris control.
Active SteadyShot
A new, enhanced image stabilisation system that provides a powerful shake-reduction capability, vital for handheld usage. Additional stabilisation is provided by the increased optical lens coverage area and by improved detection with state-of-the-art compensation.
A built-in global positioning system locator allows satellite navigation data to be recorded directly onto footage for reference or posting on popular internet mapping systems. GPS data can be invaluable when searching for footage or to provide evidence of where and when footage was recorded.
Loss-less audio recording
The audio recording format can be selected from either Dolby Digital stereo or Linear PCM stereo. LPCM audio recording provides uncompressed audio quality. Customers who need high quality audio, such as in music videos will be able to acquire CD quality audio data.


Mass - (w/ Lens hood with Lens cover)
Approx. 2.2 kg (4 lb 15 oz)
Mass - (w/ Battery, Lens hood with Lens cover, large eyecup, ECM-XM1, Memory card)
NP-F570 : Approx. 2.5 kg (5 lb 7 oz)
NP-F770 : Approx. 2.6 kg (5 lb 11oz)
NP-F970 : Approx. 2.7 kg (5 lb 14oz)
Dimension (W x H x D) - (Lens hood with Lens cover)
Approx. 173 x 187 x 342 mm (6 7/8 x 7 3/8 x 13 1/2 inch)
Dimension (W x H x D) - (Lens hood with Lens cover, large eyecup, ECM-XM1, NP-F970)
Approx. 173 x 193 x 449 mm (6 7/8 x 7 5/8 x 17 3/4 inch)
Power requirements - (AC adaptor / Battery)
8.4V / 7.2V
Power consumption - (w/ ECM-XM1 and LCD with normal brightness)
Approx. 7.7 W
*When Flash Memory Unit HXR-FMU128 is used, the average power consumption increases about 1.1 W.
Operating temperature
0 to +40 deg C (+32 to +104 deg F)
Storage temperature
-20 to +60 deg C (-4 to +140 deg F)
Battery operating time - Continuous recording time
Approx. 370 min (NP-F970:fully charged batt.)
Recording format - Video Format
Recording format - Audio Format
HD : Linear PCM 2ch, 16bit, 48kHz / Dolby Digital 2ch, 16bit, 48kHz
SD : Dolby Digital 2ch, 16bit, 48kHz
Recording frame rate*1
AVCHD FX (24Mbps) 1920 x 1080/50i
AVCHD FH (17Mbps) 1920 x 1080/50i
AVCHD HQ (9Mbps) 1440 x 1080/50i
AVCHD LP (5Mbps) 1440 x 1080/50i
AVCHD FX (24Mbps) 1920 x 1080/25p
AVCHD FH (17Mbps) 1920 x 1080/25p
AVCHD FX (24Mbps) 1280 x 720/50p
AVCHD FH (17Mbps) 1280 x 720/50p
MPEG SD HQ (9Mbps) 720 x 576/50i
MPEG SD HQ (9Mbps) 720 x 576/50i (25p Scan)
Recording/Playback time
170 min (2h 50m) with 32GB Memory Stick PRO-HX Duo FX (24Mbps) Linear PCM 2ch recording
Zoom ratio
Sony G Lens, 20x (optical), 1.5x Digital Extender
Focal length
f = 4.1 to 82.0 mm (equivalent to f = 29.5 to 590 mm at 16:9 mode, f = 36.1 to 722 mm at 4:3 mode on 35 mm lens)*2
Auto/Manual (F1.6-F11, close)
AF/MF selectable, 800 mm to ∞ (MACRO OFF), 10 mm to ∞ (MACRO ON, Wide), 800 mm to ∞ (MACRO ON, Tele)
Image stabilizer
ON/OFF selectable
Filter diameter
72 mm
Camera Section
Imaging device
3-chip 1/3-inch type Exmor CMOS with ClearVid pixel array
Effective picture elements
Approx. 1,037,000 pixels with ClearVid array
Built-in optical filters
Clear, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64
Minimum illumination
1.5 lx (auto gain, auto iris, 1/25 shutter)
Shutter speed - Auto
50i/50p: 1/50-1/1750, 25p: 1/25-1/1750
Shutter speed - Manual
50i/50p/25p: 1/3 - 1/10000
Slow & Quick Motion function
100 fps (fixed) as improved Smooth Slow Rec
*The picture quality is degraded.
White balance
Auto, one-push auto (A/B positions), indoor (3200 K), outdoor (selectable level -7 to +7, approx. 500K/step), manual WB Temp (selectable 2300K to 15000K, 100K/step)
Auto/Manual (-6dB - 21dB, 3dB step)
Audio input
XLR 3-pin (female) (x 2), LINE/MIC/MIC +48 V selectable
Composite output
RCA Type (x 3)
Audio output
RCA type(CH-1,CH-2)
Component output
RCA Type (x 3) via Mini-D Jack
SDI output
BNC (x 1), HD-SDI/SD-SDI selectable
USB device, Mini-B/Hi-Speed (x 1)
Headphone output
Stereo mini jack (x 1) ø3.5mm
Speaker output
Remote: Stereo mini-mini jack (x 1) ø2.5mm
HDMI output
HDMI connector (x 1)
0.45 inch-type approx. 1,226,880 dots (852 x 3[RGB] x 480), 16:9 aspect ratio
Built-in LCD monitor
3.2 inch-type, XtraFine LCD, approx.
921,600 dots(1920 x 480), hybrid type, 16:9 aspect ratio
Built-in Microphone
Built-in Microphone
Stereo microphone
Memory Stick PRO Duo(Mark2)™, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo™, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX™ *3
SD/SDHC Memory Card*4
Flash Memory Unit
Supplied Accessories
Supplied Accessories
AC Adaptor/Charger : AC-VL1
Rechargeable Battery Pack : NP-F570
Connecting cord : DK-415
Microphone : ECM-XM1
Remote Commander : RMT-845
Component video cable
A/V connecting cable
USB cable
Large eyecup
Lens hood with lens cover
Accessory shoe kit
Lithium Battery : CR2025
Application Software (CD-ROM)
*1 Due to variable bitrate, 24Mbps is the maximum bitrate for AVCHD FX mode and the average bitrate is being stated for FH, HQ and LP modes.
*2 The focal length is when SteadyShot mode is in SteadyShot or Off.
*3 Compatible "Memory Stick" type : For AVCHD recording / Capacity: more than 1GB, For Standard Definition recording / Capacity: more than 512MB
*4 Recommended Speed Class For AVCHD recording / Class 4 or higher, For Standard Definition recording / Class 2 or higher

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