NXL-FR318 (NXLFR318)

SDI-IP signal processing unit

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Rack mountable frame for various SDI-IP option boards – the NXLK-IP40F and the NXLK-IP45F
The NXL-FR318 is a 3RU rack mountable frame capable of holding up to 18 option boards. With two power supplies to provide redundancy, the unit is ideal for interconnecting SDI equipment with IP-based infrastructure. The NXLK-IP40F option board supports 4K/HD signals for SDI-to-IP and IP-to-SDI conversions. The NXLK-IP45F option board enables audio signal to be transmitted via IP as well. Status LEDs on the front panel of the unit allow real-time monitoring, with reference input and reference time input and output status provided.


18 flexible slots for SDI-IP conversion option boards
The NXL-FR318 signal processing unit can load the optional NXLK-IP40F or NXLK-IP45F boards in a flexible combination by using 18 open slots, which enables users to configure the system that exactly fits to the requirement.
SNMP capable to reduce equipment downtime
The unit supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). SNMP is in use worldwide for network and equipment monitoring. Its use allows remote monitoring and effective scheduling of maintenance for minimum disruption to your operations.

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