PWA-LEO1 [Live Element Orchestrator]

System orchestration and management software for IP Live production.
Image of the following product: PWA-LEO1 [Live Element Orchestrator]


Sony Live Element Orchestrator is a powerful orchestration application that increases the performance and utilization of resources, as well as reducing the system downtime - further improving productivity in content production.
This application provides overall system management of an IP-based production system - by supporting major industry protocols, both Sony and third-party solutions can be equally well supported.
Enabling resources to be shared across multiple locations, configurations to be set-up centrally and operations across all equipment to be monitored, the solution optimises system performance.
Sony developed its Live Element Orchestrator in collaboration with Skyline Communications (Belgium) adopting the company’s DataMiner, an end-to-end management and orchestration solution, as a core technology.
DataMiner has been adopted by numerous media companies and organizations globally and is yet another collaboration which will offer further value and operability to broadcasters who are investing in IP-based Live production.
  • Centralised Device Configuration & Setup
  • [E.g. 4K / HD format change, Resource re-allocation in system level
  • Centralised Monitoring
  • Monitor the entire system regardless of location
  • Multi-vendor Support
  • Able to support any 3rd party device, standard or proprietary
  • Panel Operation
  • Easy operation from software & hardware panels
  • COTS Server
  • Utilised with commercial available hardware
  • Robustness
  • Supports redundancy and clustering configuration
  • Scalable
  • Scalable from small system to large-scale deployment