Short-depth Production Control Workstation
Image of the following product: PWS-110PR1


Provides live operational control of PWS-4500 in 4K and HD

The PWS-100PR1 is a 1RU short-depth production control workstation with pre-installed PWA-PRC1 Production Control Software. Together with the PWSK-4403 control panel, it provides an intuitive GUI for slow replay control and highlight editing on the PWS-4500 live server system, with a touch-panel capability. It has short-depth chassis that is 130mm / 5 inches shorter than its predecessor model.

Control of the PWS-4500

The PWS-110PR1 provides live operational control of the PWS-4500. It allows connection to the PWSK-4403 USB control device for live slow-motion operation and optional touch-screen monitor.

Shorter version of PWS-100PR1

The PWS-110PR1 is the replacement of the PWS-100PR1. It is equipped with a shorter-depth chassis that is 130mm / 5 1/4 inches shorter than its predecessor.


GUI for slow replay control of the PWS-4500 live server system

The PWS-110PR1 provides a number of GUI modes for various types of operation.

• Viewer Mode – to monitor all input and output signals on each port of the PWS-4500.
• 1-Device Mode and 2-Device Mode – the GUI is split into two areas: a clip management area and a signal view area.
• Playlist Mode – to make a playlist.
• Cut Out Mode – to operate HD Cut Out from a 4K signal.
• Clip Name Mode – to assist operators for entering clip names.

Touch-panel capability

The unit offers touch-panel capability for ease of use.

Short-depth chassis

The PWS-110PR1 has a short-depth chassis that is 130mm / 5 inches shorter than its predecessor PWS-100PR1.