Microphone Array System Manager MASM-1

Free management software supporting calibration, settings and management of MAS-A100
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Comprehensive microphone management solution

Our free software offers a complete management solution for the Beamforming Microphone MAS-A100. The MASM-1 software supports the installation and management of multiple microphones centrally via the local network. The system manager is easy to set up and operate and assists with initial setup, calibration, general settings, operations and firmware management.

The MASM-1 Microphone Array System Manager software will be offered as a free download from this site when available.


Search and set-up function

The microphone manager search function discovers microphone(s) in the local area, setting them up and registering them to the microphone manager. You also have the option to group devices together as desired.

Automatic calibration

The MASM-1 software can seamlessly carry out multiple microphones auto calibration at the same time, in the same room. Each Beamforming Microphone can be individually tuned and optimised for the parameters of the room with ease.

Default settings maintained

The microphone manager software allocates default settings for the devices when turned on, and when switching from standby to active. Any audio settings are automatically initiated upon startup.

Monitor and control status

The MASM-1 software monitors and controls multiple microphones via the network. Thanks to the centrally controlled software, the workflow and management of your Beamforming Microphone(s) is simple to maintain.


Operating system
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
2GHz or faster
4GB (minimum)
Disk space
300MB (minimum)
Display resolution
1280x720 (minimum)
Web browser
Google Chrome version 70 or later
.NET framework 4.7.2 or later