Software for Simple Hotel TV Solution
Image of the following product: WQF-SHT1


Customise Professional Displays or TV sets for hotel guest room use
There are many different hotel TV services available. However they can be costly and difficult to implement, requiring integration with a server, network and peripheral devices.

This simple, cost-effective Hotel TV solution can be easily installed on a normal television set, turning it into a rich information and entertainment portal with no need for any network or external devices.

The software allows quick, convenient customisation of welcome/home screen and TV channel settings for hotel guests.


Customise welcome screens
Easily customise displays to create a personalised welcome for hotel guests. Behaviour after the TV power is turned on can be set, for example to show a welcome video.
Flexible channel setting
An external input, video or HTML source can be set as a channel, providing guests with a wider variety of content to enjoy.
Flexible home screen settings
Easily set personalised home screen and TV channel list. Display a list of TV channels in the home menu, with editing of analogue channel names.
Introduce guests to your hotel
Include a hotel introductory video in TV channel list. Video file can be stored on USB memory attached to display, up to 4K resolution (4K video playback only on compatible models).
Easy installation via USB
Load the software onto a USB drive and insert it into display - installation starts automatically.