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Live stream onto YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Vimeo with simple live streaming direct from our Wi-Fi enabled HXR-NX80 and PXW-Z90 handheld camcorders. Upgrade to multi-camera, titling and professional effects with the MCX-500 for a Simple Live Solution. Set yourself apart from the competition by increasing the scope and value of the services offered.

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Stream live and distribute easily

Well-suited to a wide range of live applications including events, concerts, seminars, weddings, houses of worship and news reporting, the ultra-lightweight camcorders can shoot in any situation while delivering stunning image quality. Set up your own streaming channel, connect via Wi-Fi and you’re ready to go. 

Wedding couple stepping out of church

Share the celebration

Our Simple Live Solution offers exciting new opportunities for wedding videographers – helping you stand out from competitors and offer clients attractive value-added services.

Everyone can enjoy the big day

Your wedding coverage can reach an even wider audience on the big day. Stream live footage from the venue for the friends and family abroad or guests of your who couldn’t make it. Our Simple Live Streaming allows for a robust, professional standard quality sharing direct from the venue to leading video sharing websites and social platforms.

As well as live streaming, it is possible to increase revenue  by providing additional services to your clients.

The MCX-500 makes it simple to mix footage from multiple cameras and upload to popular social platforms. Distribute the unedited version on an SD card to guests immediately after the event.

Asian male and female wedding couple in traditional dress
basketball game

Sports and events

Capture and distribute professional quality videos in real time from sports and other live events with our affordable Simple Live Solution.

Maximise audience engagement

Stream live sports footage with our palm-sized camcorders and capture the action in detail-packed HD with high speed autofocus and powerful zoom. Fans can enjoy and instantly react on social media. Team our PXW-Z90 or HXR-NX80 cameras, enhanced with simple live streaming*, with the portable MCX-500 multi-camera producer and create polished highlights packages for add-on sales opportunities.

*Free Upgrade available December 2019

man using MCX-500 to stream American football game

Reach a wider audience

Connect instantly to a global audience and raise awareness of corporate announcements, product launches, sales presentations and more. It’s the cost effective way to share high-quality live content, helping you reach more viewers and build your network.

woman presenting on podium in front of small audience

Dynamic corporate communications

Upgrade corporate productions and deliver your message more effectively. Capture different views of the presenter and audience with our handheld camcorders. You will experience a significant improvement in picture quality from handheld phone footage. It’s easy to mix video and audio from multiple cameras, or the MCX-500, then add optional titles and graphics to create truly professional packaged content that brings your brand to life.

camera man using PXW-Z90 to film singer

Enriching education

Our Simple Live Solution lets students follow lectures, seminars, lab demonstrations and college events in real time, from anywhere in the world.

Four male students holding smart devices

Exchange educational opportunities

Showcase the quality of teaching at your school, college or university – and connect with students at other institutions worldwide. As well as streaming lectures and seminars in real time, our Simple Live Streaming provides everything you need to edit and share recorded content for students to review in their own time. Operation is refreshingly easy and is a cost-effective way for colleges to create high-quality academic materials without the need for dedicated video production teams.

female holding tablet watching live streaming
Camera man using PXW-Z90 to film singer

Enhanced creative control

Professionally upgrade how you create and share live content. Our Simple Live Streaming enables you to increase your reach and grow your brand. 

Transform your business with our Simple Live Solution that makes multi-camera live streaming affordable, easy to operate and offers broadcast standard reliability.

Diagram depicting live streaming set up

Simple Live Streaming

Diagram depicting live streaming set up

Simple Live Solution

* Please ensure the network and bandwidth is stable before using 4G LTE Network. ** The ethernet requires a USB/RJ-45 adapter cable of CBK-NA1 and VMC-UAM2

Live Streaming Tutorial Videos

Below videos show how easy it is to be streaming video to social media platforms using MCX-500. AVC, RTMP and RTMPS formats are supported with options for 640×360 (1Mbps),1280×720 (3Mbps) and 1920×1080 (9Mbps).