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Smart Imaging Platform for Hospitals – scalable, upgradable and vendor neutral.

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Manage medical content, share expertise, enhance collaboration

Give medical staff a single platform to manage and share videos, still images and other data. Help them to efficiently operate, consult, collaborate and teach. Improve OR workflows, observe ICU patients, and enable remote consultations and training through one integrated system.

NUCLeUS diagram shows how NUCLeUS connects to a server room multiple rooms: doctor's office, meeting rooms, conference rooms and OR and ICUs

Better OR imaging workflows

Access and share images from the OR, for example, to the pathology lab, easily. Surgical teams can capture images and record video, sending or live streaming them across the hospital. They can also review any patient imagery and data they need.

NUCLeUS interface in OR environment
Surgeons check multiple ICU patients in Sony display

Observation in the ICU

Access and observe critical patients from anywhere in the hospital. Video streaming can combine numerous sources, important patient information, including vital signs, so ICU staff can watch over multiple patients from any networked PC or a central nurse’s station.

Remote consultation and education with NUCLeUS LIVE

Share video content with colleagues and students in real time. Consult remote specialists and benefit from two-way annotation to your images and live streams. Surgeries can be streamed to students, surgeons and medical professionals around the world, so they can learn from anywhere while communicating via bi-directional audio at the same time.

Doctor checks phone with live streaming of surgery through NUCLeUS LIVE

Improve the workflow of your Operating Room

NUCLeUS streamlines the collection, management, and distribution of media across a hospital’s network—and beyond. Handle up to 4K video, still images and patient data on a platform that’s scalable, future-proof and vendor neutral. Integration with HIS and EMR systems makes it easy to obtain patient information for the preparation of the intervention and to add video or still images to patient records during or after the intervention.

Diagram shows how NUCLeUS streamlines the collection, management and distribution of media across a hospital's network

Accommodate virtually any video source, from a wide range of modality manufacturers

Work with a variety of video sources, formats, standards or resolutions. NUCLeUS can handle everything from SD to HD to 4K, and even 3D. Capture and record images from endoscopes, robotic assisted surgical devices, microscopes, angiography systems, C-arms, ultrasound scanners and more. NUCLeUS runs on either fibre or copper network infrastructure. This empowers customers to make decisions that fit their budget and potentially save money by reducing IT hardware and cabling costs.

Surgeons in OR use NUCLeUS to accommodate surgical video sources in surgical displays
NUCLeUS interface in OR setting
Take advantage of a fast workflow and intuitive interface

Send any image to anywhere you want. Our user interface lets you quickly switch between monitors, split the screen into four or see picture-in-picture. Record multiple video sources at once, even if they use different formats and resolutions. And easily set-up or find the surgeon’s preferred monitor settings.

Complete integration and expansion

NUCLeUS integrates smoothly with all common hospital systems such as HIS and RIS to EMR systems as well as PACS. NUCLeUS is fully scalable in both size and functionality. It can be adapted to hospitals’ needs now and in the future, making it a smart and truly future-proof investment.

Improve OR images in real time through NUCLeUS Smart Applications

Using the powerful and flexible advanced NUCLeUS Smart Applications you can adjust images in real time. The Colour and Structure Enhancement (CAS) feature and Resolution Enhancer enhance and improve images for increased visibility.

Re-set your horizon with Rotation Correction

Fix the orientation of an endoscopic feed with the rotation correction app, so surgical teams can move the scope freely without the on-screen image rotating. The horizon can be re-set at any time via the NUCLeUS user interface, or from a button on the camera head. The rotation correction enhances endoscopic video signals up to 4k resolution in real time with no perceptible delay during a procedure.

The image shows how to fix the orientation of an endoscopic feed with the rotation correction app.

Enhance real-time consultation with annotation

When video is distributed and shared between ORs and/or with authorised remote users, surgeons and medical staff can add annotations on the surgical video feed, in a shared workspace, either as freehand drawings, written text, or pre-defined shapes using the Telestration feature. Telestration facilitates complex evidence-based confirmation when needed.

An image shows real-time consultation with annotation

Share procedures with NUCLeUS LIVE

Securely livestream surgeries to any clinician, anywhere in the world, with NUCLeUS LIVE. OR teams simply invite remote specialists, students or colleagues to a web-based conference, then speak together using bi-directional audio. Our telestration function lets multiple users annotate, draw and highlight live streams at the same time. All without any extra hardware.

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Surgeon checks multiple ICU patients in Sony display

Patient observation and ICU communication

Cameras let ICU teams remotely observe patients from a central station. Nursing staff can view live video feeds and vital signs from multiple patients at the same time—on the same screen. At patient bedsides, staff can connect with ICU clinicians across the hospital to review the appropriate care or request support.

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Enhance training with more information and sources

Record all audio and video sources in the OR simultaneously. Access video, audio and patient information across the hospital network, easily and securely. Then share footage of surgeries at conferences and lecture halls, whether it’s live or recorded. Recorded content can be edited from any PC in the network, without any additional software needed.

Doctors in meeting room see live surgical footage

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