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Create an efficient coworking environment that attracts corporate clients, small businesses and freelancers

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Corporate solutions for coworking spaces

Offer coworking clients a flexible, sustainable and productivity-focused environment that meets the evolving workplace needs of freelance, SME and corporate tenants.

2 people walking past a high definition eye catching advert on a large display screen wall
Enhanced client appeal

Offer coworking clients an attractive, professional environment with state-of-the-art AV facilities to suit today’s workstyles.

Meeting room with people around the table and a screen showing a timeline
Workplace efficiency

Enable coworking tenants to achieve their business goals with agile, easy-to manage AV solutions that enhance their productivity.

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Supporting sustainability

Reduce environmental footprint to satisfy and exceed coworking clients’ expectations for a sustainably managed workspace solution.

Simple, flexible set-up and integration

Our smart AV technology saves time for coworking providers, with integration simplified by features like Pro Settings on BRAVIA displays that allow easy screen customisation to suit every workspace and application. Our bright, compact laser projectors are equally flexible, integrating smoothly with room management and AV control systems.

Boardroom meeting with presenter in front of display screen presenting information
Coworking space with information display screen on the wall

Tailored to fit all coworking spaces

Available in screen sizes from 32” to 98”, our easy-to-manage Professional Displays deliver vibrant pictures to guide and notify tenants and guests in shared spaces and reception areas. BRAVIA’s consistent design ensures an appealing look wherever screens are installed. BRAVIA BZ40L boosts clarity with with Deep Black Non-Glare Coating to minimise reflections under harsh lighting. Our high-brightness BH series and high-contrast CH series Crystal LED modular video walls scale to suit any lobby or presentation area, while our compact laser projectors throw eye-catching images onto a multitude of surface types.

Meeting every coworker’s needs

Our connected AV solutions work smoothly with coworking tenants’ laptops to ensure seamless meetings and presentations. SRG-A40/A12 PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras capture and stream polished, professional video for conferences and company-wide presentations – with no operator needed. Integrating with major conferencing platforms, they’re great partners for our beamforming microphone that captures -clear hands-free sound. BRAVIA Professional Displays add even more value with productivity-focused apps like easy wireless screen mirroring from laptops and auto HDMI input detect when a device is connected.

Woman presenting with a large screen behind her Product imgaes of ptz camera and microphone in the foreground
Reception area with LED wall immersive display

Immersive visuals to impress coworking tenants and their clients

Coworking providers can’t afford to display anything less than a professional image that grabs the attention of tenants and their guests. Our scalable BH-series and CH-series Crystal LED video walls deliver that instant wow factor with sumptuous, super-sized visuals to welcome every visitor. Available in a wide range of screen sizes, BRAVIA Professional Displays feature our powerful X1 picture processor that ensures signage and visitor information looks its very best – with BRAVIA BZ40L adding Deep Black Non-Glare Coating that cuts screen reflections even in brightly lit spaces.

Supporting sustainability, controlling costs

Potential tenants are increasingly selecting coworking providers on their sustainability credentials. Our energy efficient BRAVIA Professional Displays are designed with sustainability in every scene, making less use of natural resources in their manufacture, packaging and transportation. Compact VPL-PHZ61/VPL-PHZ51 laser projectors feature Intelligent Settings, allowing coworking space owners to optimise image quality and power consumption profiles to suit any application. Our Crystal LED video walls feature an energy-efficient fan-less design that eliminates costly air conditioning.

Meeting room with large display showing green graph with upwards arrow
Meeting room with participants round table and a meeting agenda on large display screen

Discover TEOS – intelligent workspace solutions

Coworking providers can streamline every space with TEOS, our suite of workplace-focused solutions. Greet, guide and inform tenants and their guests with TEOS Reception, TEOS Signage and TEOS Wayfinding. Simplify reservations for rooms, desks, other workspaces and car parking with TEOS Book. And stay in control of room resources with TEOS Manage.

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Explore connected AV solutions for coworking spaces

Create a smart, efficiently managed environment where coworking clients and their guests feel right at home. Our BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays, laser projectors, Crystal LED video walls, cameras and microphones support every tenant’s workstyle, while simplifying workplace management and helping keep operating costs in check.

Large visitor attraction open space with 2 large LED screen walls of colourful images

Visitor experience

Give coworking tenants, their guests and potential clients a warm, professional welcome every time they visit. Create that ‘wow’ effect with our 98-inch BZ50L pro display, scale up to deliver the ultimate visual experience with our high-brightness BH-series and high-contrast CH-series Crystal LED video walls or take advantage of curved or irregularly shaped surfaces with our VPL-FHZ131L/VPL-FHZ101L/VPL-FHZ91L laser projectors.

Signage and reception solutions by TEOS ensure that guests feel welcome and informed from the moment they arrive with attractive, informative signage and seamless check-in.

Informing tenants and visitors

Keep coworking tenants and guests informed with news of events, parking fares or general information with BRAVIA BZ30L and BZ35L Professional Displays. Extra-bright BRAVIA BZ40L with a Deep Black Non-Glare Coating, ensures your corporate message is always clear, even in brightly lit lobbies and open areas. Team brilliant visuals with crisp, powerful sound that’s easily heard in busy working environments, provided by our SLS-1A line array speaker system.

Floor stand containing display screen with parking information next to lifts
Office corridor with screen showing Meeting rooms numbers and direction


Available in a wide range of screen sizes, our high-brightness BRAVIA BZ30L and BZ35L Professional Displays series feature an in-built HTML5 platform that makes it easy to help coworking tenants and their guests find their way around the building. Extra-bright BRAVIA BZ40L adds Sony’s Deep Black Non-Glare Coating technology that cuts screen reflections for signage that’s clearly legible under bright lighting. Use TEOS Wayfinding application to guide clients and guests to their destination with colourful interactive floor maps.

Collaborative working

Offer coworking tenants a seamless, easy-to-use collaborative working experience with our connected AV solutions. Bold, bright BRAVIA BZ30L, BZ35L, BZ40L and 98-inch BZ50L BRAVIA Professional Displays bring an extra dimension of clarity to meetings, presentations and webinars. Remotely controlled SRG-A40/SRG-A12 PTZ room cameras capture crisp video of presenters and meeting participants without needing a camera operator. Our MAS-A100 hands-free ceiling mounted microphone focuses on the speaker’s words, cutting background noise for extra clarity in corporate presentations and webinars.

Meeting room with large screen showing presenter of remote conference call

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