A.I.M.E.™ Technology : Enhancing surgical images in every detail with enriched colors and unparalleled visibility

Sony’s proprietary A.I.M.E.™ (Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer) is a unique technology built into the surgical display. It allows you to adjust the view of surgery with enriched colours, sharpened outlines and heightened contrast. Darker areas are brightened without sacrificing image quality or visibility.

All to give surgeons, assistants and students more clarity with enhanced view even complex structures.

Sony's medical monitor showing AIME technology with modes on and off

What is A.I.M.E.?

A.I.M.E. enhances the image reproduction in structure and colour. The user can select it simultaneously or individually for image analysis from various settings; shadow levels (D1 to D6), colour enhancement (C1 to C8) and sharpness enhancement (S1 to S6).

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Discover in full detail how A.I.M.E. enhance surgical imaging with clarity and sharpness.

The cover of A.I.M.I technology brochure
Brighter endoscopic pictures

When working with limited illumination in body cavities, some areas of your image will be dark, but A.I.M.E.’s Shadow Enhancement function can intelligently brighten them. It changes the dark areas either to reduce or increase the black level compared to the original image, without touching the bright parts of the image.

Selecting the shadow levels from “Off“ (Original), D1 (darker than Original) to D6 (brighter than Original) helps your depth perception for delicate procedures.

A.I.M.E. shadow enhancement function off
A.I.M.E. shadow enhancement function D1
A.I.M.E. shadow enhancement function D6
Clearer tissues and textures

Often tissues are so close in colour and shape that they’re hard to differentiate. A.I.M.E.’s colour enhancement function emphasises on red and yellow parts of the image or increases the white portion in the bright parts of the image. By enhancing these colours, specific areas of interest become more visible and distinct.

The colour enhancement is selectable from “Off“ (Original), C1 (more red and yellow) up to C8 (more white and less yellow.)

A.I.M.E. colour enhancement function off
A.I.M.E. colour enhancement function s5 c4
A.I.M.E. colour enhancement function s6 c7
Sharper, more distinct detail

Surgical images can sometimes lack the crisp detail you need, even on high resolution displays. A.I.M.E.’s Sharpness Enhancement function improves the contrast of objects so fine that anatomical structures stand out even more.

The sharpness enhancement can be selected from “Off“ (Original), S1 (slightly sharper) up to S6 (strong sharpness).

A.I.M.E. sharpness enhancement function off

A.I.M.E. “Off”
Original image

A.I.M.E. sharpness enhancement function s4 d4

More sharpness with Structure Enhance set to S4

A.I.M.E. sharpness enhancement function s4 d4 c3

Colour Enhancement added to Sharpness S4

Surgeon with a microscope and assistant surgeons watching a vivid colour with crisp details image on Sony medical display

Vivid details in any lighting

Your team can see the procedure as well as you with incredible clarity even when the operating room is dark. And If you’re instructing the operating surgeon, you have all the vivid colours and crisp details you need on-screen.

Detailed checks & clear training

Enhanced image quality can help contribute to better patient outcomes in theatre, but also with post-op checks.

When it comes to training and education of medical staff, the higher video quality will help to learn faster and acquire new techniques, whether they are watching live next door or attending a conference.

Surgeon teaching to fellow surgeons with sony screen
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