Smart News Production—in the Studio and the Cloud


Run a smarter newsroom, on site and remotely. Our cloud solutions weave into workflows from capture to edit to distribution. Editors can access and package content, faster. Producers can co-ordinate from anywhere, with ease. And news stories reach audiences sooner, through broadcast, streaming or social media.

Media Solutions Toolkit

Because of its modular approach, our Media Solutions Toolkit can support and enhance workflows. See how our microservices could make your news production faster and more efficient.

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Flexible and scalable microservices for seamless Distribution

Read our Media Solutions Toolkit whitepaper and find out how our cloud-native microservices can be deployed across cloud, on-premise or hybrid set-ups, so there’s no need to overhaul the infrastructure you already have.
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Build exactly the system you want, then adapt it when needed

Adapt and enhance how you produce the news or build an entirely new workflow. Our suite of microservices lets you choose the functions you need, then grow, adjust and add to them as your needs change. With no fixed commitment, you enjoy a low TCO and clear ROI. Manage workflows, ingest, storage, content handling, analytics, logs, system reports and user access—all without needing a software engineer.

A system that’s resilient and efficient, by design

Your Media Solutions Toolkit is built for resilience and efficiency. Our microservices work together but run independently, so updates to one never affect the performance of the others. And we’ve strengthened many of the services with automation, so your team is free of time-consuming tasks: from back-ups to tagging, and object recognition to creating highlight clips.

Faster news productions, with better collaboration and planning

Make news production more intelligent and efficient. Our Media Backbone Hive improves collaboration by making content accessible to anyone, anywhere. Planning becomes smarter, with automated assignments, intelligent content routing and metadata that’s automatically linked to news content. Use a scalable, flexible backbone to get the news to your audiences, on any platform you choose—faster.

No more barriers and minimal disruption for your team

Your entire team, from the camera op to the line producer, can access everything they need, so nothing slows them down. And because Hive integrates with your existing tools, like Adobe Premiere Pro, teams can improve workflows without re-training on new technologies. What’s more, you don’t need to overhaul your infrastructure: Hive can work on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid set-up.

Wireless streaming and transfers

Broadcast live from any location, without new equipment or big teams. Get footage back from the field, quickly and wirelessly. Our C3 Portal connects cameras directly to the cloud, closing the gap between ENG teams and production centres. Producers can connect to cameras, wherever they are, and retrieve files and metadata—even if their news crew is still shooting.

Agile ENG teams and efficient workflows

Get news content to editors and audiences, fast. While cameras are rolling, C3 Portal can automatically upload proxy files or use chunked file transfers to share footage sooner. Camera operators can set-up, shoot and manage transfers quickly and easily, thanks to an intuitive mobile app. And without bulky connectivity equipment, news teams can react, set-up and start shooting faster.

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