SCA-M30 (SCAM30)Discontinued

High quality, ceiling microphone for IP security cameras.


Microphones are a powerful addition to IP camera surveillance systems, adding an audio layer to the information captured by a security system. They can help draw an operator's attention to incidents or add meaning to an otherwise unintelligible scene. In monitored meetings or interrogations, a ceiling-mounted microphone adds an essential soundtrack to the video recording.

The SCA-M30 is an unobtrusive, indoor microphone which is optimised for capturing clear, high quality sound. Its high sensitivity is enhanced by physical protection against vibration and a filter to reject unwanted low-frequency noise.

Installation is easy, with a range of ceiling mounting options. It connects directly to Sony's IP cameras, which also supply the microphone's operating power.


Highly Sensitive
Capture even the quietest sounds with an extremely sensitive electret transducer.
High Pass Filter to remove low frequency environmental noise
A high pass filter blocks low frequency noise from fans, air conditioning, traffic, etc. improving the clarity of acquired audio.
Housing minimises unwanted noise
Acoustic shielding suppresses noise from the sides and back of the microphone allowing effective pickup from the front.
Simple to set audio pickup direction
Set the direction of maximum pickup by simply rotating the microphone protective grill.
Scalable input sensitivity
The input sensitivity of the microphone is easily adjusted to the optimum level for specific installations.
Easy to install
The microphone is easily installed recessed or projecting from a ceiling using only standard tools.
Robust protective housing
The SCA-M30 is encased in a rubber protective shell which is also spring-mounted to minimise the effects of vibration.

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