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What is PrimeSupport?

PrimeSupport is the enhanced support service dedicated to European business customers of Sony Professional products. With loan units, fast-track repairs and on-site engineer visits, there’s something for everyone.

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Above & beyond your warranty

PrimeSupport provides enhanced support services, in addition to the basic terms provided under the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

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For professionals, by professionals

Our engineers have decades of experience in working with Sony products – so you’re in good hands.

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With services tailored to you

PrimeSupport is available at 4 different tiers, with over 30 unique services on offer.

Full Terms & Conditions for the provision of PrimeSupport.

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Get immediate access to PrimeSupport Pro, our standard service that’s perfect for everyone. With 14-day repairs and expert multilingual support, we’ll be on-hand to keep you going – all for no extra cost.

Other levels of support

With 3 additional tiers of PrimeSupport, there’s bound to be a service that’s right for you.

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Our enhanced service with premium features. Benefits can include:

  • Extended helpdesk hours
  • Access to product specialists
  • Fast-track repairs and loan units
Image showing a Sony engineer repairing a Sony Professional broadcast camera.

Support tailored to every requirement, aimed at high-value account customers. Benefits can include:

  • 24/7 helpdesk hours
  • Guaranteed 60-minute engineer call-back
  • Guaranteed fast-track repairs
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Free from contracts, these services are perfect for ad-hoc issues or requests. Services can include:

  • On-site engineer visits
  • Product health-checks
  • Product training

The package contents for each product may vary and the above information is for illustrative purposes only.

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