Digital Imaging for Photogrammetry

Elevate your photogrammetry capabilities – control, automate and revolutionise your camera’s performance.

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Benefits of Sony's Digital Imaging solution for photogrammetry
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Digital imaging precision
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Autofocus and face detection analytics
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Efficiency through automation
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Live view monitoring

Ideal for multi-camera photogrammetry applications

Set up Sony cameras and lighting to capture a scene from multiple angles. Send a hardware or software trigger signal and control the settings of multiple cameras at the same time. Remotely configure and operate application cameras before offloading images for processing, storage, and distribution.

Empowering developers and creators

Our brochure explores the possibilities of Hi-Res imaging, real-time streaming, remote control, AI-powered features, and enhanced connectivity with our Camera Remote Toolkit.

Digital imaging brochure

Adaptable to any photogrammetry environment

Capture multiple configurations, suitable for any environment. Whether you’re working on pods that use 100 cameras at once or 5-15 cameras for your arm + turn table work, Sony has the digital imaging solution for your business needs.

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Camera Remote Toolkit photogrammetry API functions

Camera Remote Toolkit provides a set of API (Application Programming Interface) functions that you can use to communicate with the camera and control its features.CaptureStillImage allows for the capture of multiple images from different angles, with various customisable parameters. Other functions such as SetShutterSpeed and SetIsoSpeedRate can be used to generate and scan 3D objects with ultimate precision.

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