Exceptional Live Productions at any Scale

Simplified Live and Streaming

Smarter live streaming, no matter the size of the production. Creativity and control, from anywhere, with anyone. Dependable technologies that deliver for your audience, every time.

Better live streams—in any location, at any scale

Run flexible live productions with less hardware, lower costs and simpler workflows. Whether you´re a solo operator or part of a small crew, our cloud switcher and premium PTZ cameras give you easy set-ups and powerful options. Deliver premium streaming for any client.

Thanks to our cloud switcher, ViacomCBS can run live productions with less hardware, fewer on-site staff and lower costs. Programmes are made more efficiently by agile, COVID-safe productions.

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Live Your Vision Webinars

Find out how to make your live productions more agile and scalable within the cloud.
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Simple, professional live streaming

Produce more content and get it to your audiences, wherever they are. Faster. Run agile productions with small teams, less equipment and no studio space. Work remotely when needed and oversee more productions from your office, wherever it is. Focus on the creativity and quality of your work, and only pay for services as you use them. All while working with the best live production specialists and technical experts.

Germany’s SWR produces more live events, thanks to smart production

We built a solution that lets SWR reach a wider audience and produce content during studio downtime. Switchers and PTZ cameras are operated remotely, via touch interface, so the broadcaster can use equipment at any time, with fewer staff on site.

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Smart Live Production guide

Read our guide to smarter live production to find out how you could produce more content for less. Learn about the latest tools, techniques and services and how they support, enhance and transform your workflow.

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Live mixing for productions of any size

Bring the power of major international productions to a single operator set-up. Our XVS-G1 live production switcher gives you fast, powerful processing, thanks to its hybrid architecture. Familiar operator features and creative options are supported by an optional GPU for extra power. And with a remote connection, you can work from a PC, laptop or tablet—wherever you are.

Creative power and choice

Meet high client expectations, with the ability to handle 4K and HDR video. Enjoy creative flexibility with 16 keyers, video effects and 3D multi-effects. And multi-viewer shows 4, 10, 13 or 16-way splits on your screen.

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Agile, scalable live productions with the cloud

Run your production with a laptop or even a smartphone, thanks to our Virtual Production cloud switcher. No need for OB vans, uplink services or mixing desks. Simply log in to the browser-based interface and get to work—no connecting, no calibrating. Then add PTZ cameras and audio for a fully remote operation where you can switch cameras, add captions and control comments from anywhere.

Reach your audience, anywhere, on budget

Get set up and start working with very little expense. Only pay for the live production time you use, as you use it. Work with your existing cameras, from PTZs to camcorders, and turn them into a flexible live production toolkit. Or choose new cameras at a price that works for you. Then reach your audience, wherever they are. You can even integrate with social media feeds.

Easily bring a Cinematic look to your Live Productions

Add an artistic look to your live event productions, just by connecting to the cloud.

The v3 firmware update unlocks remote control for your FX9, letting you place cameras in new unmanned positions and run multi-camera productions.

Consider the FX9 with new possibilities for your live events, with an RCP connection that´s ideal for concerts and theatre performances.

*v3 Firmware available in November. XDCA Adaptor is required for FX9 RCP control.

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